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During Double Experience and Skills Events players get twice the amount of experience from creatures and also double the skill progression rate. Similar types of recurrent events are Double Loot Events and Rapid Respawn Events.

How it's calculated

Despite the Double in the name, these events do not exactly double the experience received, but rather add a 100% bonus to the base experience. This makes a big difference when other bonuses, such as XP Boosts, World Quests rewards or the now-deprecated Experience Vouchers, are stacked. The only bonus that works on top of all other bonuses is the Green Stamina 50% boost. For example, if you use a XP Boost during a Double Experience Event, the experience rate will be as follows:

This means that a Dragon, which yields a base experience of 700 (1050 with Green Stamina) would yield 2,625 experience points with Green Stamina and 1,750 without.

On the rare occasions where an event happens concomitant with the reward of a World Quest, such as Bewitched, the experience rate with an active XP Boost is the following:

If you also have an active Experience Prey with the maximum bonus, the experience for that creature will be

This is the highest experience rate possible to achieve on regular game words.

Double Experience Weeks

The first Double Experience event was held between November 27th to December 4th, 2007. Cipsoft decided to make this event due to the DDoS attacks that occurred during the year.

This special week applied to both Premium Account and Free Account players. However, double experience was not applied for killing other players on PvP-Enforced worlds (back then there was still experience reward for PvP kills in this type of Game Worlds.

On November 28th, 64,028 players were playing Tibia at the same time, due to the event. The event was registered in three different official news: First Announcement, Official Start and Official End .

The second double experience week event was held between March 18th and March 25th, 2009, after the Spring Patch. First Announcement, Official Start, Official End .

Eventually, CipSoft switched from weeks to weekends, while also adding double skill progression to the events. Initially held to compensate for DDoS attacks problems, CipSoft later decided to hold these events on a regular basis because of the positive feedback given by the players. Besides that, CipSoft also started to hold Double Experience and Skills Weekends for all worlds that suffered with a reset due to technical issues.

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