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The name Dolera is suspected to be derived from the Spanish word Dolor which means "Pain".

Additional Information

  • Dolera was the first server to obtain Amazon Armor
  • It is highly suggested to join a guild upon starting Dolera.
  • Dolera was the last server to finish Pits Of Inferno Quest.
  • Confu Torture was the first player to achieve level 200 on Dolera.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • You can kill any player with no game restrictions.
  • Dolera seldom reaches 500+ players. Absolutely no queue. That's because newbies are killed all the time due to players' boredom.
  • Over a 1000 players die every day.
  • Neither Amulets of Loss nor blessings exist.
  • Lots of houses are available. But some good ones are currently rented by players who no longer play and it will be like that as long as they have money in bank.
  • Many items have extremely low values and rares are hard to sell.
  • Many players are untrustworthy.
  • Those who are not in a guild are flagged as free kill.
  • Gamemasters rarely visit this server. It's up to players to discipline cheaters.


Wars in PvP-Enforced are a bit different to regular ones. The strategy of using low level characters to give enemies unjustified kills doesn't exist for obvious reasons. Also, anyone can frag as much as he wants which allows good PVPers to continue the massacre.

Alliance of Dolera VS Shikon

The Paras family dominated Dolera for a long time. In 2005 March 18th a guild made of high levels, the Alliance of Dolera, decided to take over the power declaring war on Shikon, the Paras guild. Three months later it seems the war had come to an end. The article written by Elathron summarizes what is known to be The Fall of the Paras.

"Everything has an end. An old saying that is applied to real life situations everyday. But, on a world like Dolera. Where one group, a family called The Paras have ruled so long, and prevented many from over taking them by killing them down if they were percieved as a threat, this saying seemed like only a mere hope. For months, the first level 100 on pvp enforced server was hunted. Him and his friends were kept down, by the paras and their collaboraters. Dozens more players also took the same fate and the server was ruled with an iron fist. The end was near though. More and more people were fed up with this sort of dictorial government. And this past week, the server has been finally retaken after months of surpression. With the combined psychological tactics of Solo Draconis,and his way of words. He was able to get on the side of the paras. Get his level up and his real life friends, and began to work on real allys, allys that in battle matter. Players like the intelligent sorcerer Nyalith and the persistant Lowix. Of course, its not this simple. Other events like, the killing of Nyalith by Lavs prompted Nyalith to fight instead of sitting by and living along side with the Paras. Either way, the manner of how this destiny become unfolded is somewhat irrelevant. Of course, other events with Xeberus gave the resistance a lot more strength, because Xeberus buddies would help aswell. Either way with the combined battle tactics of Lowix and Xeberus the paras have been finally eliminated. Demoralized as Lowix might have been for being hunted off a level 100+ character for so many months, he and others were still able to fight with enough determination to win. Perhaps this is the inveitable on a ruling power. But one, cannot help but admire the willpower of these players"

Pandemonium VS Chaos Riders - The 4 days war

The highest level of Dolera of due time, Lowix, had declared war on the guild Chaos Warriors on December 27th. The reason was the murdering of his friend and the abuse of a game weakness. Lowix was killed a few hours after the war declaration going from level 136 to 133. After four days Maguz Pistolero, founder and leader of Del Chaos, made an agreement with Lowix, leader of the opposing side Pandemonium. Maguz Pistolero was asked to pay 200,000 gold coins in 2 weeks in exchange of Lowix ensuring no one in his guild bothers a Del Chaos member.

Shinsengumi VS Del Chaos, Pandemonium and Vengence of Deceit Alliance

No war declaration started this war. It's said a group of hunted players started it attacking the high levels of the strongest guilds. The Shinsengumi massacre in Thais, the multiple deaths of the highest level at the time, Lowix, and the death of Vazilisk were some of the most memorable parts of this war.

Pandemonium 694 VS 684 Del Chaos

The murdering of Athraz and Aldarith on 2007 December 24th started this war. All war information can be found in this thread. It was considered by many to be an ethnical war between americans and mexicans. Like the majority of wars on Dolera one side left the server without much explanation leaving Del Chaos to run the server.

Del Chaos 71 VS 26 Vae Victus

Many of the hunted characters who did not leave the server after the war formed Nightmare and continually launch attacks on Del Chaos.

  • November 10th: Del Chaos, Deadly and Ka Bros disbanded to become one in Vae Victus. The former members of Nightmare recreated Del Chaos as a joke.

Blitzkriieg 13 VS 9 Blackened

The conflict started when Sir Ucker was killed by the opposing guild. Both guilds consists of members who once were part of Del Chaos. More information can be found on the official fraglist thread.

  • November 9th: Maguz Pistolero made a recruitment letter followed by an explanation on Blackened reasons to start this war.
  • November 12th: Edkeys forced a cease fire. The war is over.

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