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The name Dolera is suspected to be derived from the Spanish word Dolor which means "Pain".

Additional Information


At Christmas in 2007, Lokke Biff was given a Teddy Bear from Santa Claus, the second on the server. It now belongs to Dark Luckey, seen in his house. You can also see a Yellow Rose in his house.
Dolera was the first server to obtain Amazon Armor.
The server is currently in war, Pandemonium and allies vs. Del Chaos and allies.
It is highly suggested to join a guild upon starting Dolera.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • You can kill another player and won't be effected by the Skull System.
  • Nobody is safe. The thrill of having to flee at any time keeps the server interesting.
  • Dolera seldom reaches 500+ players. Absolutely no queue.
  • Over a 1000 players die every day.
  • Neither Amulets of Loss nor blessings exist.
  • Lots of houses are available.
  • Many items have extremely low values.
  • Many players are untrustworthy.
  • Those who are not in a respected guild are flagged as free kill.

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