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  • The gameworld's name is suspected to be derived from the spanish word Dolor which means "Pain"


  • You can kill another player without entering in the Skull System.
  • Dolera seldom reaches 500+ players. This means you will never need to wait in lines after mastering Rookgard.
  • Nobody is safe. The thrill of having to flee at any time keeps the server interesting.


  • You get killed a lot.
  • After you get killed a lot you will get killed again.
  • Higher levels can hunt you for sport.

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  • The Who's online page can be found here
  • The Highscores page can be found here
  • The Guilds page can be found here

Additional Information

  • At the Santa Claus event in 2007, Lokke Biff was given a Teddy Bear from Santa Claus, the second on the server. Which now belongs to Dark Luckey, seen in his house

    Lokke Biff with the teddy bear.

  • Dolera was the first server to obtain Amazon Armor.
  • The server is currently in war. Pandemonium and allies vs. Del Chaos and allies.
  • Two fansites were made to store information about Dolera. Those are Dolera Watch and Tibia Freak