NOTE: This article describes dog racing as it is accomplished in Tibia. These rules and generalizations are NOT the same as dog racing in real life.

Dog racing is a game of chance that can be played in Venore, above the main depot.

The goal of dog racing is to "bet" on the dog that actually wins the race.
Both dogs Dustrunner and Lightfoot must be "forced" to the far left end of their respective tracks. This can be done by having one player enter each track and block the dog from moving forward.
After both dogs are in their starting positions, flip the switch upstairs to block them in.
Before releasing the dogs, each player places their bets for which dog they think will win. The event organizer holds all money until the race is over.
Since there are only two dogs, and each dog has the same likelyhood of winning, the normal rules for betting do not apply. Instead, the event organizer will decide on a bet amount. Every person pays this amount to the organizer and tells the organizer which dog they think will win.
Once all bets are placed, the event organizer flips the switch to release the dogs. The first dog to reach the opposite end, and light the coal basin, wins.
All money that was collected is divided equally between every player that bet on the winning dog. The players that bet on the losing dog receive nothing.

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