Dodges an attack without taking any damage at all.


Dodge is the best defensive Charm available, which is why it's usually the first one acquired by Knights and some Paladins (depending on their level and hunting style). Having this charm active on a strong creature during a hunt where there aren't many different creatures will considerably reduce the damage taken and hence increase the safety of the hunt, as well as the experience per hour since the players will be able to focus more on attacking and less on healing.

There are some important factors to take into account when choosing a creature to activate this charm on:

  • Overall damage taken during a hunt: When choosing a creature to bind this charm during a hunt, you should choose the one that deals most damage to you overall during the hunting session, which is not necessarily the strongest creature of the dungeon. For instance, even though Juggernauts and Hellhounds are the stronger creatures in the Roshamuul Prison, it would be better to use the charm in Demon Outcasts or Dark Torturers instead since they are present in a much higher number.
  • Protection from Equipment and Imbuements: It's also important to note what other protections the player already has. For example, if a lot of Fire Damage protection is being used, it may be more efficient to use the charm on a creature that deals high damage of another element, i.e. Life Drain.
  • Number of abilities used by the creature: Even though this may be quite hard to evaluate, it may be the decisive point when in doubt about 2 creatures. Since the Charm has a 10% chance of triggering for each attack received, the higher the number of attacks taken, the most efficient the charm will be. Of course, this is completely dependent on the strength of these attacks, but it's something to keep in mind.
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