Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Ankrahmun
Position 129.78, 127.10, 3
Personal Properties
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Librarian
Other Properties
Version 7.3
August 11, 2004
Status Active
You see Djema.


    Ashta'daramai library (Blue Djinn Fortress).


    Djema is an orphan. She was adopted by Gabel and the other Marid when she was a child. She is excited every time she meets another human.


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    Player: hi
    Djema: Wow! A human? Here? Hey? Where do you come from, Player? Oh, I'm so {excited}!
    Player: excited
    Djeam the librarian in this place. I don't like the work too much because we do not really have that many books, and most of them are written by people who have died thousands of years ago. ...
    Djema: If dad wanted me to have a job to keep me entertained that was a real non-starter.
    Player: librarian
    Djema: Yes. I administrate the library. You know - registering new books, sorting them in alphabetical order etc. ...
    Djema: To be honest I am not very good in this. Thank goodness daddy gave that magical blackboard to me. It is quite useful.
    Player: dad, Gabel
    Djema: Gabel is my father. He runs this place. Of course, he is not my real daddy. But he adopted me, you know. Or rather, all the Marid adopted me.
    Player: adopted
    Djecan't remember my parents. I... They have both died a long time. At least that is what I have been told. Listen, can we talk about something else?
    Player: Marid
    Djema: The djinn you have met call themselves the Marid. They are generally very nice. Nice, but boring.
    Player: Efreet
    Djema: Apparently the greenskins are different from the Marid who have raised me. I don't know. Perhaps the Efreet would be more fun than the djinn around here, but then daddy says they are really evil.
    Player: Malor
    Djema: Malor is the leader of the Efreet. I have never seen him, but they say he is really nasty. Daddy always gets upset when this name is pronounced.
    Player: djinn
    Djema: The djinn are a curious race. They are nice, but they are always so serious. Oh, don't get me wrong, there is not a single djinn around here I do not like, but, you know, they are not much fun. ...
    Djeguess that is because they are all such devout followers of Daraman, but perhaps it is just because of all the bad things that have happened.
    Player: Daraman
    Djema: Daraman was a human, but he must have been something very special - he was a holy man. To this day daddy and all the other djinn around here look up to Daraman as a true prophet.
    Player: tibia
    Djema: Daddy has often told me about how huge and mysterious this world is. <Sighs> How much I would like to see it all. But he won't let me go. ...
    Djehave read books about the northern continent inhabited by thousands and thousands of people. Ordinary humans just like you and me! Imagine that!
    Player: job
    Djeam the librarian in this place. I don't like the work too much because we do not really have that many books, and most of them are written by people who have died thousands of years ago. ...
    Djema: If dad wanted me to have a job to keep me entertained that was a real non-starter.
    Player: name
    Djema: My name is Djema. Daddy says it means 'Moonflower' in the old language.
    Player: Djema
    Djema: That is my name. I do not like it much, though. Everybody around here calls me Djem.
    Player: Fa'Hradin
    Djema: Uncle Fad is a weird guy. He is incredibly intelligent, but he is also totally inept in worldly matters. Sometimes I feel he is not quite at home in this world.
    Player: humans
    Djehave lived here for as long as I can remember, but I know I don't belong here. I belong to them! I am a human! One day I will leave this place, and I will never come back.
    Player: books
    Djema: The books around here are not exactly what I would call a riveting read. Most of them are technical documents written by uncle Fad at some point or other. Now and then he turns up and brings new files. Not that anybody would ever read them. ...
    Djema: It is my job to make sure they are filed and registered.
    Player: Kha'labal
    Djema: That is the huge desert to the east. You can see it from here if you look in the direction of the rising sun. It seems huge... endless... It makes my heart sink whenever I watch it.
    Player: Ab'Dendriel, Carlin, Edron, Kazordoon, Thais, Venore
    Djema: I have read all about the northern cities. It is almost as if I had been there myself.
    Player: Darashia
    Djema: Darashia is a beautiful city to the north. I have been there! One day Daddy disguised himself, and he took me there. It was awesome. ...
    Djema: There was so much life and colour and excitement... <Sighs> I suppose he did it because he knew how much I yearned to go there. Bless him - he only wanted to help. But after that I felt worse than ever.
    Player: Ankrahmun
    Djema: If there is one city I don't want to see it is Ankrahmun. I have heard all kinds of stories about the pharaoh and his cult of weirdos!
    Player: Pharaoh
    Djema: Apparently he is an undead! Yuk - how disgusting!
    Player: war, warrior
    Djema: Daddy and all the other djinn around here are so restive lately. I know they try not to show it, but I can sense that they are tense and perhaps even a bit afraid. ...
    Djema: To be honest I am sick of being patronised. I am a grown-up woman now, and I don't need anybody else's protection anymore!
    Player: lamp
    Djema: When I was still a kid I could not understand how it could be that I was not able to sleep in a lamp. ...
    Djema: That was when I wanted nothing more than to be like the people around me. <Sighs> I may see things a bit more clearly now, but the feeling of yearning remains.
    Player: king
    Djema: Officially there is no king of the djinn. Daddy used to hold the title, but he has chosen to put if off. Of course, he is still the undisputed leader of the Marid. He simply dislikes the title.
    Player: bye
    Djema: Aww - you really have to leave so soon? You must come and visit me again. Please - promise me!

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