Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exori san
Element Holy
Mana 20
Cooldown 2 seconds
Group CD 2 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Paladin
Level 40
Other Properties
Spell Group Attack Spells
Cost 1800 gp
Version 8.1
December 11, 2007
Status Active
Divine Missile
Divine Missile
exori san


Holy Damage Icon Shoots a bolt of divine energy at the selected target up to 4 square meters away. If no target is selected, the damage is focused on the single square right in front of the caster.


A powerful and useful combat spell, especially against undead creatures like Ghosts, who are immune to physical damage. A lot of paladins prefer to use only Divine Missile instead of a mix of Divine Missile and Ethereal Spear after reaching magic level 10. That is because it is believed that the holy damage of Divine Missile surpasses the physical damage of Ethereal Spear from that point onwards and Divine Missile costs 5 mana less. However, Ethereal Spear has a 3 squares longer range. If a creature possesses resistance to holy damage, depending on the extent of it, it might be better to use Ethereal Spear instead.

Divine Missile animation


It used to have a different animation:
Divine missile1

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