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"On different Fluids, 5th publication"
by Arisophlus

Blood and a revitalising fluid are the two kinds of known red fluids. Blood, the "fluid of life", is a strange thing. Everyone will agree with me, that it is the "fluid of life", even though there are numerous living forms which do not have blood! Instead they seem to use some kind of slime (have a look the corresponding chapter to find out more about it). The life-restoring fluid is a strange fluid, too. I never was able to find out if it works on humans and on animals. I tried more than hundred times to heal my dog with it - but he does not want to drink it. As it seems, it only works for humans...
Last but not least, there exists one single white fluid in our world: People call it "milk".
There are rumours that it might increase one's magical abilties if swallowed - I never could verify this claim. As it seems, someone had dreamt about it and afterwards wasn't able to distinguish between reality and dreams...

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