You see a die.
It weighs 2.00 oz.


The die rolls when used, producing a text that announces who rolled the die and what the result is. There is not known to be any pattern to what outcome the die may bring, although this is often believed by gamblers. Players within two squares of the die can see this orange text. When placed on an open area, the die has a rolling animation. Often used by scammers and die fanatics when they offer an item and let people pay an amount of gp for a roll.

Important: The die won't roll if you are standing on a depot tile, you need to step aside in order to use the dice.

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Can be obtained by gambling with Zebron in Venore or with Klaus in Nargor.
The Number of the Beast achievement is obtainable by rolling a 6 three times in a row with a die.
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In October 2013 the name of this item changed from Dice to Die. The reason Cipsoft gave for this name change was that 'dice' is plural and 'die' is singular (even though 'dice' is a perfectly fine singular as well, see this wiktionary quote: Dice is used for both the singular and the plural).

Trade Details

Buy From

Klaus1Krailos100 Gold
Zebron1Venore100 Gold
  1. You pay 100 gp for a chance to win it.

Sell To

Players only.