• You can write up to 1023 characters in most books/documents, except for labels which hold 79 characters, scrolls which hold 511 characters, and letters, which hold a massive 1999 characters. Blackboards hold 199 characters.
  • There is a book that says:

    Armaments, Chapter Two, Verses Nine to Twenty-One.
    And the Lord spake, saying:
    "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."

    This text is from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • There is a book found in Wyda the Witch's room that says:

    "Wyrd Sisters, by Terry P."

    This is a direct reference to a book by Terry Pratchett.

Day and night

  • Each day in Tibia lasts one hour in Real Life.
    • Midnight will be every hour, on the hour (9:00 PM, 6:00 AM, etc.)
    • Noon (midday) will always be at 30 minutes past the hour (9:30 PM, 6:30 AM, etc.)
      • For people in Newfoundland, it is the opposite. Midnight at 30 minutes past, and noon on the hour.


  • Aruda, an NPC in Thais, may steal from you, depending on what you say to her. Everytime she says, "Sorry, I was distracted," it means that she has stolen some of your gold!
  • If you ask Ashtamor in Venore about the "time", he will tell you what time it is, "but the true question is: How much time is left?"
  • It is completely possible to set an npc on your ignore list which can be done the same as any player say "hi" then right click on their response message and click ignore


  • Beholder
    The Beholder's language is called 469, and is produced by a series of blinks using their 5 eyes.
  • Two new beholder classes have arrived: Elder Beholder and Gazer (Also known as Baby Beholder)


  • Cyclops
    A Cyclops has 4 toes on his right foot, and 3 toes on his left.


  • Wasp
    A Wasp can fly over land, but cannot fly over water below it, nor can they fly over trees, bushes, etc.,...
  • A Wasp can fly, but it falls through pitfalls.


  • Scorpion
    You can open a Scorpion corpse, but it will give no loot.


Orc Shamans

The orc shaman always holds his spellwand to the left.


  • Yetis have been found on some servers, but some people didn't believe that they existed, until it was found that they are a type of boss monster.


  • Behemoth
    The name Behemoth is also used in many different cultures to denominate a spiritual creature, represented by many forms and meanings. More about it here


  • Minotaur
    After you have delivered the letter to Markwin (as part of the Postman Quest), he will call you the "Hornless Messenger".
  • A book written by Markwin (the king of the minotaurs) says that he does not know what "KAPLAR" means. The minotaurs yell this in battle .
  • In the Science Fiction series Star Trek, K'Plar is a kind of battlecry for an alien race of warriors. Maybe that is where CIP got the idea.


  • Mimic
    Mimics could be summoned by a mage for more mana than it would take to summon a rat. Cipsoft fixed this, and Mimics can no longer be summoned.


  • Mammoth
    Much like the Mimic, Mammoths have not yet been seen, but after update 7.7 it was possible to summon Mammoths for 495 mana. Cipsoft fixed this after update 7.8 and none have seen one since.


  • Did you ever wonder why you could see through closed doors in Tibia? Well, me too.
    • Update: You look through the keyhole of course!


  • Stone Skin Amulet
    Medusa Shield
    The face on the Medusa Shield, is the same as the one in the Stone Skin Amulet. This may be because of the legend that the snake-headed Medusa could turn you to stone with her gaze.
  • Also, the circles appearing when you are hit while using magic shield are the same that the circles made in the water when you fish, and is also used for the Hydras Hot Water Wave attack.
  • The lava bubbles Lava has the same graphic as a Blood Orb Blood Orb

The Find Person-spell

  • Person is on same level and 1 to 4 squares away: [Person] is standing next to you.
  • Person is on same level and 5 to 100 squares away: [Person] is to the north/west/south/east.
  • Person is on same level and 101 to 274 squares away: [Person] is far to the north/west/south/east.
  • Person is on same level and 275+ squares away: [Person] is very far to the north/west/south/east.
  • Person is not directly north/west/south/east of you: [Person is ((very) far) to the north-west/south-west/south-east/north-east.
  • Person is on a lower/higher level and 5+ squares away: [Person] is on a lower/higher level to the north/west/south/east.
  • Person is on a lower/higher level and 0-4 squares away: [Person] is below/above you.

Credits goes to Sonoroman for his Tibianews article: Studying the Ex Iva spell.


  • Ghost
    The Ghostlands, west of Carlin, contains only one single ghost on the surface, which resides on an unreachable floor, and can only be viewed, never killed.
  • More ghosts you can encounter deep below the Ghostlands.

Rods and Wands

  • Wand of Inferno
    Tempest Rod
    All Rods are directed vertically while the Wands are tilted right 45 degrees. Also, names or rods are always like "X rod", when names of wands are like "Wand of X".


  • You can move a lootbag from over 5000 oz. 5 squares away, but you can't do the same with a body.

Leftover arrows

  • In Carlin, if you go to the second floor of the paladin guild (shooting range), there are 3 tables with arrows and bolts sitting on them. If you're a paladin and short on cash, collecting these leftovers can help you with your vocation.


  • The claw of Demodras is green Dragon Claw, but Demodras is actually red.Demodras
  • Like the Claw of Demodras, Dragon Scale Mail is greenDragon Scale Mail, yet it is only looted from Dragon Lords who are red. Dragon Lord
  • The Dragon Shield Dragon Shieldis red, but the Dragons Dragon are green.


  • The wind of Tibia appears to always blow towards the east, and the only thing in Tibia that is affected by the wind seems to be the water and flags.


  • Despite the fact that Calassa is an underwater area, you can use create Fire there.

File:Large Fire.gifFile:Medium Fire.gifFile:Small Fire.gif


  • Even though Goblins carry spears, they cannot drop them, and they disappear when you kill them.


  • You can find urine in many places in Tibia. Usually in Troughs that serve as restrooms for Trolls, Orcs or Cyclopes. There is an apparent shortage of restrooms for humans in Tibia. At one time in the past players would also urinate if they drank to much liquid.


  • No matter what the Tibian time is, the hands of a watchWatch always show the same time, ten past nine.


  • After being killed, creature bodies are not movable for 10 seconds. Except for monsters that does not carry loot, like the SnakeSnake or the CobraCobra.


  • Hunter If you can loot the Sniper Gloves from Hunters, then why don't they use them on their outfit?
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