Game Mechanics


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  • Each chat channel in Tibia can contain up to 1000 lines of text before the top messages start being deleted.


  • Swimming pools are protection zones.
  • You can logout while swimming.
  • Swimming cures you from negative Special Conditions.


  • You will need at least 3 parcels/furniture when climbing up a higher level. However you may descend this same floor using only 2 items.



  • Each day in Tibia lasts one hour in Real Life.
  • Each night in Tibia lasts 20 minutes in Real Life. This is equal to 8 Tibian hours.


  • You can throw a lootbag weighing over 5000 ounces 5 square meters, but you can't do the same with a body.


  • The wind of Tibia appears to always blow towards the east, and the only thing in Tibia that is affected by the wind seems to be the water and flags.


  • After being killed, creature bodies are not movable for 10 seconds. Except for corpses that cannot be opened like the snake.
  • If the corpse is on a rope place or under a ladder, you must browse field or move the body to open it.


Fishing Rod.gif

  • It's impossible to catch a fish while standing in protection zone.



  • The whole of the Tibia map including all floors, consists of 17,854,464 squares, as of Summer Update 2010




  • The Ghostlands, west of Carlin, contains a single ghost on the surface. This is because it's on an elevated surface 2 floors up, with identical tiles to the ground below it. This is supposed to be an apparition, which is its name as well: An Apparition.
  • There are also other apparitions, which are also in fact levels above you: A Ghostly Woman and more on the Ghostlands page.
  • In Ghostlands, there is a wild warrior who is a master of camouflage.
  • There is a grave on the surface of the Ghostlands that reads: In honour of those, killed for a kiss. This probably refers to the Queen of the Banshees, who dwells deep below the surface. Her quest involves kissing her, at which point you will be teleported to your grave.

Drefia and Demona

Wyrm 2.jpg

  • A piece of map in Drefia at the level that leads you to the Medusa Shield Quest makes the figure of a pentagram.
  • Also, there is a room in Demona that has walls that look like a pentagram in the map.
  • It is curious that even tough Demona is a name directly related to a demon's , there are no demons there!

Bone references

Big Bone.gif


  • Thais is named after the thigh (your thighs, your thais), the upper part of the leg.


  • The city of Venore might have been named after Venice, Venore is a city on swamp, Venice is a city on water.

Northern Islands

  • The ice islands Folda, Senja and Vega are real islands off the coast of Norway.
  • The shipmen on the ice islands Folda, Senja and Vega also have Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian and Danish) names like Nielson, Svenson etc.
  • Hrodmir, its nearby islands and locations and their inhabitants have names that clearly sound like Icelandic names.


  • The main Tibian continent actually consists out of two separate landmasses. The river that runs under the dwarven bridge near Kazordoon flows all the way across the Mainland from west to east.


Magic Shield

  • The circles appearing when you are hit while using magic shield are the same as the wave circles in the water when you fish? The graphic is also used in the Hydras Hot Water Wave attack.

Find Person

  • When the person is on same level and 0 to 4 squares away, they are "standing next to you"
  • When the person is on same level and 5 to 100 squares away they are "to the north/west/south/east."
  • When the person is on any level and 101 to 274 squares away they are "far to the north/west/south/east."
  • When the person is on any level and 275+ squares away they are "very far to the north/west/south/east."
  • When the person is not directly north/west/south/east of you they are "((very) far) to the north-west/south-west/south-east/north-east."
  • When the person is on a lower or higher level and 5 to 100 squares away they are "on a lower (or) higher level to the north/west/south/east."
  • When the person is on a lower or higher level and 0 to 4 squares away they are "below (or) above you."
  • You can use '~' for long nicks. For example, you can write 'exiva "Tibia Pl~' instead of 'exiva "Tibia Player'.
  • You can search yourself by this spell! (you are "standing next to you")

Credits go to Sonoroman for his Tibianews article: Studying the Ex Iva spell.


  • You cannot levitate on any roof in Port Hope!

Fire Spells



  • This spell is useless while fighting Pirates, because they will always attack a lowest-level player.

Spells Language

  • Some spells formulas are based on Latin words. For example: "Exana" is based on the latin word "sana", which is a feminine adjective meaning "healthy".

Magic Wall vs. Wild Growth

  • If you use the spell alana sio "player when there is a magic wall outside of the door, as it will just dissappear. However, you will just stand on top of a Wild Growth.



Giant Spider.gif

  • Before a 2004 update, monsters were not able to move diagonally. Low level characters were able to easily trap a giant spider with a single field rune.

Flying Creatures


  • Even though there are many flying creatures, like Wasps Wasp.gif , Seagulls Seagull.gif and Butterflies Butterfly (Purple).gif, they cannot fly over sea or  traps without taking damage! Also, they keep their moving animation even when not moving in any direction.

Wailing Widow

Wailing Widow.gif

  • When you hit this monster with physical damage, slime will appear on the floor. However, wailing widows corpses contain blood.

Lancer Beetle

Lancer Beetle.gif

  • Lancer Beetles were going to be named "Skull Beetles" before the update happened.



  • Similarly to Lancer Beetles, Tirecz, the Isle of Strife Arena Master was going to be called "Gozo", but this was changed when the update came (he was seen in the test server as "Gozo").
  • Tirecz can be read as T-Rex. This might be because he looks like a humanoid dinosaur.



  • Azerus has full powers of the warriors.

He has the power of Knights, by using his Yalahari Armor , the power of Paladins, by using his Yalahari Leg Piece, and the power of Mages by using his Yalahari Mask .



Barbarian Bloodwalker

Barbarian Bloodwalker.gif


Bonelord.gif Elder Bonelord.gif Braindeath.gif

  • The Bonelords' language is called 469, and is produced by a series of blinks using their 5 eyes. Since Braindeaths only have 4 eyes, they are unable to communicate.
  • Bonelords used to have 6 eyes, but due to an unforeseen shift in the Godly powers (an update) they now only have 5.
  • Bonelords were named Beholders until a content fix on Aug. 23, 2010 changed that. Before they were named Beholders, they existed as 3478's.
  • The Braindeaths were created from normal Bonelords during a bizarre experiment.
  • Even though both the easy Bonelord and the hard Braindeath drop Bonelord Eyes, the intermediate Elder Bonelord doesn't. To make matters even stranger, the Elder Bonelord boss The Evil Eye does drop them!

Black Knight

Black Knight.gif Old Black Knight.gif



  • Although Centipede's blood is green, if you gather liquid from it, it will be blood, instead of slime.



  • A Cyclops has 4 toes on his right foot, and 3 toes on his left.
  • Cyclops wear Bast Skirts, but they cannot be looted from their bodies.


Demodras.gifUndead Dragon.gifFrost Dragon.gifGhastly Dragon.gif

Dwarf Henchmen

Dwarf Henchman.gif

  • Dwarf Henchmen have brown hair, but their corpses show blond hair.


  • Ferumbras' staff always looks the same from every angle, meaning you can always see the "F" shape on the staff, no matter which direction he is facing.

Fire Devil

Fire Devil.gif Demon.gif



  • Even though goblins carry spears, they cannot drop them, and they disappear when you kill them.



  • The tail of the Hellhound looks at the end as the head of a snake. Medusa's hair came from the hellhound's tail.



  • Minishabaal says: "I had Princess Lumelia as breakfast", prompting the Hero to ask: "Have you seen princess Lumelia?".







  • You could summon a Mammoth for 495 mana after update 7.7, even though there were no in-game spawns of the creature. CipSoft fixed this after update 7.8 by removing the ability to summon a Mammoth. The Summer Update 2007 created the city of Svargrond where Mammoths spawn frequently.



  • The Medusa has 7 snakes on her head, however only one of them looks like a cobra Cobra.gif(the one attached to the back of her head). The other six look like ordinary snakes Snake.gif



  • Mimics could be summoned by a mage for no more mana than it would take to summon a rat. CipSoft fixed this, and mimics can no longer be summoned.


Minotaur.gif Minotaur Archer.gif Minotaur Mage.gif

  • After you have delivered the letter to Markwin (as part of the Postman Quest), he will call you the "Hornless Messenger".
  • A book written by Markwin (the king of the minotaurs) says that he does not know what "KAPLAR" means. The minotaurs yell this in battle.
  • The Minotaur Mage changes his wand to the left hand and right hand when he moves.
  • The crossbow that is used by Minotaur Archers is The Devileye The Devileye.gif, but they do not drop it.

The Mutated Pumpkin

The Mutated Pumpkin.gif

  • The Pumpkin is the only known creature in game with a visible shadow.


Orc Warrior.gifOrc Rider.gifOrc Shaman.gifOrc Berserker.gif

Pirate Bosses

Brutus Bloodbeard.gif


Pirate Corsair.gifPirate Skeleton.gifPirate Buccaneer.gifPirate Marauder.gif

Polar Bear

Polar Bear.gif


Quara Constrictor.gifQuara Hydromancer.gifQuara Mantassin.gifQuara Predator.gifQuara Pincher.gif

  • Each kind of Quara has a fin on its head.
  • Four of the five Quara have similar feet, however, the fifth one walks on crab-like legs.
  • The tail of the Quara Predator looks very similar to the creature product Fish Fin. Fish Fin.gif
  • The Quara Constrictor tail looks like a hook.


Worker Golem.gifWar Golem.gifIron Servant.gifGolden Servant.gifDiamond Servant.gif

  • Each kind of robotic creature has a gear on its back.

Serpent Spawn

Serpent Spawn.gif

Massive Fire Elemental

Massive Fire Elemental.gif Hellfire Fighter.gif


Swamp Troll.gif



  • Valkyries are in Scandinavian Valkyrior. In Norse religion or mythology, (Asatruth or Asatru), they carried the souls of fallen vikings to Valhalla.





  • Wasps carry honeycombs, but bees produce honey in real life.
  • Wasps drop honeycombs, but a honeycomb is almost twice as big as a Wasp.



  • Witches can turn you into a Green Frog Green Frog.gif - but don't worry, they cannot turn you into a Toad Toad.gif.
  • Witches use fire attacks, but are not immune to Fire Damage. However, they are immune to energy and earth, elements that they do not use themselves.



  • Yetis have been found on some servers, but some people didn't believe that they existed, until it was announced that they are a type of boss monster.

Vocations among creatures

Most creature cultures use different vocations. One example is Apes:

  • Kongras are warriors. They use melee. Kongra.gif
  • Sibangs are distance fighters. They throw Small Stones at their targets. Sibang.gif
  • Merlkins are mages. They cast magic at their targets and can heal themselves. Merlkin.gif

Although, this is not always the case. The Cyclopes, for instance, consists of three knight-types with different strength. The two stronger types, however, occasionally use distance fighting.
Cyclops.gifCyclops Drone.gifCyclops Smith.gif


Slugs are monsters that walks extremely slowly, but you can mount them and will have the same speed of a horse or other faster monsters.


  • Aruda is an NPC in Thais who may steal from you, depending on what you say to her. Every time she says, "Sorry, I was distracted," it means that she has stolen some of your gold!
  • If you ask Ashtamor in Venore about the "time", he will tell you what time it is, "but the true question is: How much time is left?"
  • It is completely possible to set an NPC on your ignore list by clicking Ctrl+I and add their name in the ignore list. However, it is not possible to ignore them by right-clicking them.
  • There was a bug shortly after the update that introduced the city of Liberty Bay that you could start Sam's Old Backpack Quest with the weapons shopkeeper there, Cedrik! This was because CIP copied Sam's script for Cedrik, and forgot to remove that quest marker.
  • Hugo is a recurring name throughout Tibia. First, there is Oscar Savage, who called himself Hugo because it's more "manly." Second, the NPC Todd in Thais calls himself "Hugo" when asked about his name. Third, a book in the Isle of the Kings Library speaks of a "Hugo the Humble." There is also an old legend about a demonbunny named Hugo, which is part of the Paradox Tower Quest. Additionally, Frodo speaks of a Hugo from Fibula who stayed a few nights in his tavern some time ago. Also, Xed claims that the father of Ferumbras was called Hugo. On top of all this, both Bozo and Zebron are said to have cousins named Hugo.

See also: Hugo (Disambiguation)

  • If you say "withdraw 0" to any bank NPC, they will say "Sure, you want nothing you get nothing!"
  • If you ask Chemar for a carpet ride to Svargrond, he will say "Coldness I'm coming!" in the same way ship captains say "Set the sails!"
  • Even though Frodo in Thais runs a bar, he doesn't sell any beverages! 
  • Name of Pythius the Rotten is derived from Ancient Greek verb "pythein" which means "cause to rot". 



Book (Black).gif

  • You can write up to 1023 characters in most books/documents, except for labels which hold 79 characters, scrolls which hold 511 characters, and letters, which hold a massive 1999 characters. Blackboards hold 199 characters.


Rods and Wands

  • Names or rods are always named "X rod", while names of wands are always "Wand of X".



  • In Carlin, if you go to the second floor of the paladin guild (shooting range), there are 3 tables with arrows and bolts sitting on them. However they changed them into arrows that´s stuck in the tables.


In Tibia, when you go up/down a stair, you can't attack for the first 2 seconds after you walk through it, but if you go through parcels, you can still use stairjumping to kill monsters easily, without the 2 seconds exaustion.



  • You can find urine in many places in Tibia. Usually in troughs that serve as restrooms for Trolls, Orcs or Cyclopes. There is an apparent shortage of restrooms for humans in Tibia. If you drink urine you will say "Uurk". In the early days of Tibia, players themselves were able to urinate into liquid containers.


Great Health Potion.gif


  • You can make a piece of bread from a lump of dough, but a piece of bread weighs 5 oz., and a lump of dough weighs only 1 oz.

Blueberries and Gold Coins

Blueberry.gifGold Coin.gif

  • Blueberries weigh twice as much as gold coins, even though gold is very dense in real life, and appears in-game to be much larger than a blueberry.
  • One gold coin is 0.1 oz, or 10 grams. With the present worth of gold, one GP is about 330€, 450US$ or 280£. On unrelated note, the same amount of platinum "only" costs about 470€/640$/400£.

Frozen Starlight

Elven Amulet.gifFrozen Starlight.gifWand of Vortex.gif


Castle Shield.gifPurple Tome.gif

  • The crown on the Castle Shield appears to be the same as the one on the Purple Tome.

Stone Skin Amulet.gifMedusa Shield.gif

  • The face on the Medusa Shield is the same as the one in the Stone Skin Amulet. This may be because of the legend that the snake-headed Medusa could turn you to stone with her gaze.

Nightmare Shield.gif

Necromancer Shield.gif

Armor vs. character

Outfit Citizen Male.gif Master Archer's Armor.gif

  • When a piece of armor is put on the the floor next to a character, it appears that the armor is way too big to fit on the character.


Dragonbone Staff.gif

  • The Dragonbone Staff is a kind of enchanted like weapon but it does not hit like an enchanted weapon.

Hunting Spear.gif

  • There was a short period directly after Update 8.0 when Hunting Spears already changed into stackable Distance Weapons and were dropped by Lizard Sentinels in large ammounts (up to eight of them at once!). In this period you could sell them to Brengus in Port Hope for the old price of 250 gold and make a lot of money while hunting Lizard Sentinels. Cip fixed this bug after some days and the price for hunting spears is now only 25 gp. Additional the drop rate was lowered.

Ruthless Axe.gifSteel Axe.gif


The "old" wands (Wand of Vortex, Wand of Dragonbreath, Wand of Decay, Wand of Cosmic Energy and Wand of Inferno) point to the right, while the other ones point to the left.

  • Wand of Vortex.gif, Wand of Dragonbreath.gif, Wand of Decay.gif, Wand of Cosmic Energy.gif, Wand Of Inferno.gif
  • The Scorcher.gif, Wand of Draconia.gif, Wand of Dimensions.gif, Wand of Starstorm.gif, Shimmer Wand.gif, Wand of Voodoo.gif, Wand of Defiance.gif, Wand of Everblazing.gif, Wand of Carving.gif, Ferumbras' Staff (Enchanted).gif

Male and Female sets

Crown Helmet.gif Crown Armor.gif Crown Shield.gif Crown Legs.gif
Amazon Helmet.gif Amazon Armor.gif Amazon Shield.gif

Golden Helmet.gifGolden Armor.gifGolden Legs.gifGolden Boots.gif

  • Golden Legs, Armor, and Helmet also seem to be lighter than most their counterparts, however Golden Boots appear to be the heaviest boots in the game, including the extremely heavy Steel Boots. They're so heavy in fact, they weigh the exact same amount as the Golden Helmet.
  • Golden Armor's weight is 80 ounces, which equals 8 kilograms, although, gold is very heavy, much heavier than Iron, material that might be used on other heavier Tibian Armors!

Element Protection

Might Ring.gif (20%) + Stone Skin Amulet.gif (80%) ≠ 100%

  • Damage modifiers are multiplicative, not additive. If you wear any elemental set, the amount of damage absorbed won't be equal to the sum of both percentages but the product of them. That is, if you wear a Stone Skin Amulet, with 80% physical resistance, and a Might Ring with 20% (of all many types, including physical), you won't absorb 100% of the physical damage: you will only absorb of damage.

Ultimate Healing Rune

Ultimate Healing Rune.gif Silver Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing).gif Golden Rune Emblem (Ultimate Healing).gif

Character Models

Outfit Knight Male.gif

  • If you look at the male knight outfit from the left side or back, your arms do not look like arms, but like severed limbs or flesh-matchsticks!
  • If you look at the symbol on the back, you can see that the white square changes place with the brown while spinning.


  • Capes look like the cape on a Gamemaster.

Outfit Beggar Female Addon 3.gifOutfit Brotherhood Male Addon 1.gifOutfit Norseman Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Norseman Female Addon 3.gif

  • The staff of the Female Beggar Outfit is always at character's right hand. also, when you turns to the right, the staff changes to the left hand. If it doesn't, the staff would be in front of the character's face. This is also the same by the outfit of Brotherhood of bones male addon and the Male and female Norseman outfit.

Outfit Knight Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Warrior Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Oriental Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Assassin Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Pirate Male Addon 3.gif
Outfit Barbarian Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Nightmare Male Addon 2.gif

  • On the male side, there are 5 sword addons, but only 2 axe addons. The Scythe and Wooden stake are debatable. However, in tibia Scythes are considered to be "club" weapons. The wooden stake just doesn't quite seem worthy of sword status.

Outfit Citizen Male Addon 2.gifOutfit Citizen Female Addon 2.gif

  • The feather on the hat of the Citizen outfit also change from left side an right side. Also, the feather of the male addon is bigger than the feather on the female addon.
  • The Pirate Outfits Outfit Pirate Female Addon 1.gifOutfit Pirate Male Addon 1.gif has the sprite of the sabre Sabre.gif, but it's more curved like Sabre (Old).gif.

Cranial Basher.gif

  • As said, there are 5 sword addons and 2 axe addons. Although there are no club addons, even if the Scythe is said to be a "club" weapon.
  • The Assassin Outfit Outfit Assassin Male Addon 3.gif has a sword on it's right side, but when the character faces west, the sword switches to the left side.



Lava.JPGBlood Orb.gif

  • The lava bubbles have the same graphic as a Blood Orb.

Ship cabin Window

Ship Cabin Wall Window.gif