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You see a diabolic imp.
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Imps are some of the smaller and physically weaker demons. The only thing that allows them to exist in the demonic society, that has no tolerance for weakness, is their cunning and the magical forces they have under their command. Diabolic Imps tend to be somewhat cowardly and when it comes to the crunch, they esteem the value of their own lives much higher than any agenda of the master they might serve. For this reason, they are not trusted and, despite their intelligence, rarely appointed to any position of power or influence. The scheming little Diabolic Imps still found their niche in the demon society. They often serve in logistics or as messengers. In the latter role, they are frequently sent to the realm of the mortals. Here they even pose as advisors of mortal allies of the demon kind for a while.

Diabolic Imps have 2 bosses: The Imperor and Minishabaal (not in game anymore).


Melee (0-240) (poisons from 8hp), Fireball (100-240), Fire Explosion (300-430), Invisibility (lasts in 1 second), Strong Haste (lasts 2 seconds), Self-Healing (slow, 650-800), Skill Reducer (Reduces your Melee Skills to about 20%-30% for up to 10 rounds).

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


Fights from range, runs away at Low Health.


Since the Melee poisons you, it's better to keep distance as a Mage or Paladin. Knights should try to trap him and use Melee, Brutal Strike and Berserk. Make sure to keep an eye on your Skills so you don't waste lots of Mana on your attack spells when it has lowered your skills. Try to corner them because when they use Haste they are extremely fast, and you won't be able to outrun them. A good strategy to kill these as a Mage at the Fenrock spawn is to Summon a Fire Devil or another creature immune to Fire Damage and let it block the ranged attacks while you use Ice Strike and Strong Ice Strike. Depending on your level you might want to use Magic Shield.


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