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Haunted Treeling, ..

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World Board: In case you have some spare tentacle pieces, you can now use Devovorga's very essence to enter a boss lair!
Towncryer: Hear ye! Hear ye! Use Devovorga's Essence to fight an evil presence! Trade your every tentacle piece, to enter a boss' lair with ease!


When this Mini World Change is active it's possible to enter the Energy Gate in Vengoth here. In there you can get the chance to fight Devovorga's incarnations in exchange for Tentacle Pieces. Talk to the Dread Guardian and ask him about essence, then yes. Next, say the name of the boss you want to fight and enter the Energy Gate to the south.

Note that unlike during the Devovorga event, only one person can enter the teleport at at time, so you can't kill the bosses with a team during this Mini World Change.

Incarnation Tentacle Pieces Achievement
Anmothra 2 Slayer of Anmothra
Irahsae 5 Slayer of Irahsae
Teneshpar 8 Slayer of Teneshpar
Chikhaton 12 Slayer of Chikhaton
Phrodomo 16 Slayer of Phrodomo