Devourer is the desert around Darashia. This desert has devoured many of the first pilgrims that settled Darashia, but those who survived have learned the dangers of the desert, and have survived there for some time.

On the surface throughout the desert, there are some human outlaws called Nomads, there are Hyaenas and Lions prowling for a meal, but the majority of wild creatures on the surface are poisonous. Scorpions and Poison Spiders are scattered throughout the desert. There are also towers of Wasps, which are used to produce the famous wasp honey that Darashia is well-known for.

Deeper into the desert, there is a confined Giant Spider to the west (here). Further to the north-east is the Dark Pyramid that is now inhabited by Minotaurs.

There are not many dangers below the surface, but Rotworms have made a number of large caves beneath the sand.

There is an illusion of an oasis here.