Required Equipment


You cannot complete this quest alone. At least two players are required.


  • Go to the Ancient Temple, north of Thais (here).
  • Go down two levels, and head as far north as you can go.
  • Go down to the level with the Rotworms.
  • Follow this path to the east and south, and go down the ladder:

Route Mintwallin 1

  • On this level, there will be a lot of Poison Fields. You can either run through them and then use Antidote, or you can use Destroy Field to clear a path.
  • Go down another level.
  • Follow this path to the east and north. Be careful of Minotaurs. Go down the hole that is circled on the map. You will face a couple Cyclopes down this hole:

Route Mintwallin 2

Getting The Key

(If you do not need the key you may skip this part of the quest)

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 1

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest 2

  • You will enter this room in the north-west corner(1). Follow the passage until you find the switch. If you can't access the switch its because the wall has already moved. You'll have to wait until it resets or somebody inside reopens it. Be careful, when you flip the switch, the wall will be moved, and you will be essentially trapped with the Cyclopes. Once you flip the switch, kill the cyclops. There are a few fire fields in the room. Use a destroy field rune on the fire(3). Now use the hole and you will get silver Key 3610. To exit, go to the hole down the passage to the north(2). This will take you into the room with the minotaurs:

Mintwallin Cyclops Quest Map 05

Doing the Quest

  • Now you will go back to the passage before the minotaur room. This time head south down the left most passage. Go up the hole to a small room and up again to another room. Here go to the end of this passage and down the hole to a small room and down again:

Route Mintwallin 3

  • From this passage head south and make the first left. Stay on this straight past a way on the right to the Mad Mage Quest. Then make the left turn. Stay on this path until the ladders down. This will lead to Mintwallin.

This is where you split up

Note: At least one person must go this way. The selected person will go down the ladder, a bit west then up a hole. Go south to a blocked off passage. They must stand on the open square. This will open a grate for the others to go down.

Route Mintwallin 5

Then: Ghoul Room Quest Map 01R

Then: Ghoul Room Quest Map 01B

  • The rest of the group should now follow the other passage south until they get to some spiders and poison fields. The grate(here ) should now be open. All go down it. Then go through the level 30+ requirement door, and up the next hole. Beware there is a dragon on this floor guarding the last room! The holes in the floor will lead to a Giant Spider, waiting below, and you cannot go back up that way. Having slayed the beast go to the door and use Key 3610. Take the last step and go down to face 3 minotaur guards, 2 archers and mages.

Devil Helm

Then: Devil Room Quest Map 01R

Then:Devil Room Quest Map 01B

  • To exit, you have three options:
    • Go back the way you came in.
    • Unlock the door in the quest room (using Key 3610), kill the Giant Spider (or run for it), and fall down the hole at the end of the passage. This will make you fall into a room with 2 Bonelords, and leads back to the "labyrinth" under the Ancient Temple.
    • Go west in the quest room down a small passage. Use a pick at the end of this passage to reveal a hole in the floor. Fall down the hole. You will now be in a small passage inside of the castle in Mintwallin, and will emerge in the throne room with Markwin.