Sign (Wall Depot) A depot is an area where players can store their items in a Locker. Lockers contain a Depot Chest, Inbox, and access to the Market. Every depot chest, in turn, contains all 17 Depot Boxes. Every hometown, except for Rookgaard, Dawnport, and the Island of Destiny, has a depot. There are also two depot slots on Travora's ship and one depot slot in every Guildhall.


The depot is central to any town and the one place you can usually find the most players. Each depot has a little different style, but they all contain stalls with lockers where one player can access a locker to store their items.

Each city's depot used to be unique and not accessible from other settlements, but since the introduction of the global depot and Depot Boxes in the 2015 Winter Update all depot slots are interconnected (except for the ones on Krailos, which settlement does not have a separate depot box). Free Account players can store a total of 2,000 items across all depot boxes, whereas Premium players can store 10,000.

Venore and Kazordoon (Kazordoon city and Gnomegate) are currently the only towns with 2 depot buildings, but in both cases there is only one Depot Box assigned to both depots.

This table shows the city that each depot is located in, the Post Officer (who sells Parcels and Letters) for that depot, the number of lockers in that depot, the map of that depot and the main floor, the total number of floors, and the Roman numerals corresponding to the 17 pre-"global depot" cities.

City Post Officer NPC Lockers Location Floors Numeral
Ab'Dendriel Olrik 24 Floor 0 7 IV
Ankrahmun Jakahr 22 Floor 0 3 VIII
Carlin Liane 38 Floor 0 4 II
Darashia Chemar 18 Floor -1 1 VI
Edron Chrystal 36 Floor -1 3 V
Farmine Murim 12 Floor -4 1 XIV
Feyrist 7 Floor +1, 2
Gray Beach Rock In A Hard Place 12 Floor -1 1 XV
Issavi Ninos 12 Floor 0 1 XVIII
Kazordoon (with Gnomegate) Lokur, Gnomailion 18, 14 Floor -1, Floor -3 1, 1 III
Krailos Village Kaya 8 Floor -1 1
Liberty Bay Herbert 32 Floor 0 2 X
Port Hope Ray 24 Floor 0 1 IX
Rathleton Fyodor 32 Floor 0 1 XVII
Roshamuul Auron 12 Floor +1 1 XVI
Svargrond Nelly 40 Floor 0 2 XI
Thais Benjamin 46 Floor 0 4 I
Travora 2 Floor +1 1 XIII
Venore (two depot houses) Dove 20, 14 Floor 0, Floor 0 1, 1 VII
Yalahar Redward 40 Floor 0 2 XII
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