It is possible to find Paragraph I and Paragraph IV of this book separately in the Ab'Dendriel Library.

We confirm that the Ruthless Seven have occupied the place which is known as Pits of Inferno. With the help of divination, we were able to see that they channelled their dark essence to some remote place in our world for unknown reasons. We could not figure out this place, though. It cannot be emphasised enough that it is extremely important to find this place and if possible, to destroy it.

It is certain that the gate from our world to the demon realm, which is situated somewhere in the pits, is currently inactive. It works similar like a volcano. Sometimes there is some activity there, most of the time nothing happens at all, but occasionally there is a tremendous eruption.
We assume that the last major eruption coincided with the destruction of the Nightmare Knights. Several earlier reports of increased demonic activity overlap with eruptions, too.
Three things can be concluded from our observations: Firstly, the demons have no control over these eruptions, though they try to be as active as possible whenever an eruption occurs.
Secondly, the demons cannot foresee the dates of these eruptions. For this reason, coordinated efforts to make use of the eruptions are delayed.
Thirdly, eruptions are not stable enough to support a longer campaign without risking the stranding of many powerful demons in our world like fish on dry land.
The worst thing that could happen is that a large amount of less powerful demons is breaching into our world to stay here permanently. They will have some guidance by their leaders as long as the eruption lasts. Once the eruption comes to an end, the demonic leaders will retreat to their realm, leaving a chaotic and rampaging demon army in our world.
As long as the pits were defended by the Nightmare Knights, who must have known previously when an eruption would occur, the demons could be fought back while they were still materialising and thus, most vulnerable. Now that the pits are lost and overrun by demonic hordes, an attack becomes more and more likely.

There was no massive demonic invasion in the past, and probably there won't by any in the future. If the demons had had such a possibility, they would have used it. At least some archdemons would have grabbed the chance, and a cabal such as the Ruthless Seven surely has the power to attack our world while defending its position in its own realm. It is surely no lack of ambition that keeps the demons from raiding us, there must be other forces that have prevented such an attack so far.

Even before the creation of the humans, there have been several occurrences that can only be interpreted as attacks by demonic armies trying to stop the creation process. Inhuman sources tell of several armies that invaded our world in the course of many centuries.
Most of these invasions could be tracked to some unholy centre of magic. From there immense forces were evoked to open a gate through which the demonic armies entered our world.
The gate was opened, an army passed through, and the gate eventually closed again. The invading armies had no supplies and were finally destroyed. The demonic leaders made only rare appearances on the battlefield, probably summoned by their minions for a while. So contrary to common belief, it seems possible that a large demonic army enters our world if certain conditions are met. It should be our top priority to find out what conditions this may be.

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