You see demonic essence.
It weighs 1.00 oz.
Someone might be interested in trading this.


Since Update 8.4 they're easier to obtain, so the quests that require them have become easier. However, more players are interested in completing the quest because of their availability, and both the demand for essences and their price have risen as a result. As a result of Update 10.37, Demons finally started dropping them themselves as well.
It looks the same as Chaos Matter.

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You need 3000 of these to complete Dreamer's Challenge Quest.
You need 30 of these in the Ferumbras' Ascension Quest.
You need 20 of these in The Inquisition Quest.
3 of these can be obtained in Berserk Potion Quest.
50 of these can be obtained during the Lightbearer Event if you have lit all ten basins.
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