Below Edron, two Demon races, the Shaburak Demons and the Askarak Demons, are waging war against each other since ages and for reasons long forgotten.


Edron (Hero Cave)


Chance to obtain the achievements Shaburak Nemesis and Askarak Nemesis

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Go to the Hero Cave, north of the city of Edron, here. Follow the common path to the main floor where many of the Hero Cave Quests are found. Go through the portal here to get into a safe room with the NPC A Dark Priestess. In this room there are stairs which will lead you to the middle of the Demon Wars cave.

To the east the Askarak Demons reside, and to the west the Shaburak Demons.

The Demon Wars can be in 5 different states:

In order to change the state of this world change, there must be a difference in kills between the two demon factions at the Server Save. The difference needs to be at least 100 to progress to the next stage. If the war is on a stalemate and the difference is greater than 400, however, the Demon War will go directly to the stage where the Princes spawn.

You can ask Guide NPCs about the state of the demon war in order to check its current state.

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