You see demon legs (Arm:9).
It weighs 70.00 oz.


This is the third best leg armor by weight and armorpower, and the second best by armorpower. Before Update 8.2 these were unobtainable and therefore a extremely exclusive item, however, after 8.2 these became a reward for a new quest, making the value and rarity drop a lot.

This quest had a lot of controversy, because many felt that making the Demon Legs a quest reward would destroy a piece of Tibia history. Since they are heavier than Golden Legs they are now more commonly used as a house decoration.

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Obtainable in The Demon Oak Quest.
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Before Update 8.2 these were extremely rare and very few people had ever obtained these legs. Older worlds, such as Antica, Amera, Calmera, Danubia, Eternia, Isara, Libera, Lunara, Rubera, Secura, Nova and Trimera had a pair of demon legs before 8.2.

They used to be obtainable by the Demon Helmet Quest, when the quest system consisted of a chest with various items that could only be obtained once, they were meant to spawn after a full map reset (happens when an Update sends players to temple) but Knightmare forgot to set this and it was abused. Many players completed the quest and got the reward, therefore Demon Legs were not as rare as they were intended to be.

The old Demon Legs quest was replaced by the Demon Helmet Quest many years ago.

Update 8.2

With the Summer Update of 2008, came new quests, Demon Legs were one of the rewards in The Demon Oak Quest, making the once valued item a lot less valuable. Because of a miscalculation from CipSoft the quest was too easy, so once again many players obtained Demon Legs shortly after the update. CipSoft then released a patch which made access to the Demon Oak area a lot harder so less then could complete the quest and obtain the legs.

Then with Updates/8.5 CipSoft released a new quest (Killing in the Name of... Quest), which as a reward allowed players access to the Demon Oak area, once again allowing players the chance of gaining these legs.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

H.L.Outlaw Camp84 Gold