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You see a demon infant.
It weighs 12.00 oz.
  • Ugiugi!
  • Psht!The little beast is still sleeping!
  • Me wanna see house of saaantaaa!
  • Whoooo! Santa nize houz! Me will be good lil demon ziz year.
  • Me wanna mouldy cheeeeze!
  • <FART> Oopsi! Hehe!
  • Me wanna eat firefly!
  • <KNARSH> Hmmnjamjamjam!
  • Me wanna zee emperor of lil' dwarfz!
  • Oooh! Look! He iz almozt az lil' az me!!
  • Me wanna lick some snooow!
  • Ziz was cold!
  • UHH! Me zeazick! <vomits> Zoooory!
  • Muuuhaaahaa! Me wanna my pacifier!
  • Me wanna see draaagons isle! Where old draaagons go.
  • Phew! Dead draagoon stinky like demonic diapers after week!
  • Me wanna play in zaaand! Finding treazure, building caztlez!
  • Bah! Me findz no-ting fun! Booooring!
  • Me wanna kizz draaaagooon!
  • Draagooon hot kizzer! Hehehe!
  • Me wanna kizz fire devil!
  • He mean an nazty! Me wanna become like him one day!
  • Me wanna make muzic! Me wanna play waaaahdrum!
  • Meee very hungry! Me wanna eat black sheep!
  • MAAEE...urkks <CHOMP>
  • Me stinky! Me needs lava bath
  • YIPIE! This was hot!
  • Me wanna eat many, many worms!
  • Hmmm! Tis waz good!
  • Waaah! Me ztomach hurtz! Waaah! Make it better! Get out whatz hurtz zomehow!
  • Glglgl!
  • BUURRRP! Uhh! Iz much better now!
  • The baby seems pleased. Return it to it's mother.


Depends on mood it has different description.
With tears: The little demon is awake. Demon Infant (Tears).gif
With smile and closed eyes: The little demon is sleeping. Demon Infant (Smile).gif
With big smile and opened eyes: The little demon looks greedy. Demon Infant (Euphoric).gif
With hearts near face: The little demon wants to kiss. Demon Infant (Kiss).gif
With smile and opened eyes: The little demon is pleased. Demon Infant (Happy).gif

WARNING: If you activate it after the event ends, the little demon will disappear: The baby returned to its mother.

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It's part of Demon's Lullaby World Quest. During this time you have to make it happy. To get one, you may talk to Demon Mother.
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Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

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Players only.

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Players only.