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Edron Hero Cave


4 Demons, 8 Banshees in the quest room; 3 Dragons, 5 Demons, multiple Priestess, Demon Skeletons, Wild Warriors, Bonelords, Minotaur Mages, Hero, Orc Shaman, Monks and Fire Elementals on the way there.


Demon Outfits' first addon as well as Demon Helmet, Demon Shield and Steel Boots.

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  • You will need a team capable of facing a total of at least 9 demons (5 on the way, 4 in the quest room, and a possible respawn on the way back) and a large number of banshees. A large team with a good amount of strong blockers and shooters is recommended. Even if you want to do this quest solo (not recommended), note that you will still need two other players, namely to stand on the switches here, which open the Gate of the Lost Souls here.

Getting There

  • Enter the Edron Hero Cave here and head down until you get to the level 100 gate of expertise near the single demon spawn, here:

Demon Helmet Quest 1.png

  • You will need a golden Key 6010 to open the door after the gate of expertise. It is obtainable through the Parchment Room Quest.
  • Have two players stand on the switches here to get past the Gate of the Lost Souls.
  • Once you kill all the Fire Elementals, head down the passage until you come to a portal (there's only one way to go). Note that there is a lot of fire on the way there, but this shouldn't be a problem for level 100+'s.
  • When you get to the portal, go through it. There will be one demon here. Kill the demon and head through the hole here:

Demon Helmet Quest 2.png

  • This will bring you down 2 floors to the cave where the portal into the quest room is. There are 4 demons and a couple Fire Elementals here, but they don't all come at once (There'll be 2 demons where you enter and if you head east there's one demon in each room). Head east and kill all the creatures. Here you will see a portal that brings you to the quest room.

The Quest Room

  • The portal will bring you to a room right below you with 4 demons and a lot of banshees. Note that there is a switch (#2) on the east side of the room that must be pulled to activate the portal to get out . It is recommended that you do this before you kill anything in case someone needs to escape while in the room. The boxes containing the rewards are on the west side of the room (#1).

Demon Helmet Quest 3.png

  • Once you have killed the creatures and got your reward, go out through the portal. Be careful of demons that may have respawned on the way out.