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Demon Hell is an area deep in the Edron Hero Cave, with 5 Demon spawns, plus another 4 in the quest area of DHQ. This area also leads to the Demon Helmet Quest.

How to enter

  • First of all you need level 100 to pass the level door.
  • Then you need Key 6010 that you can get in Parchment Room Quest.
  • Finally you will need help from two players that will stand on nearby switches for a wall to open.


Once you passed the wall, go north, then east facing several Fire Elementals. Now you will see a ladder down, to a pit which contains approximately 15 Fire Elementals. You will face at least 6-7 at the start, which makes it hard to get in. Once you get through, there will be stairs up, another few Fire Elementals, a few ropeholes/ramps, and then in the end you will be at a teleporter. This teleporter will take you down one level, to the first (single) demon spawn. The teleporter in this room takes you back to the first teleporter. The hole in the east will NOT take you down one level to the pit with 5 demons you can see (however you can jump there using levitate spell), but right under it is another hole so you fall down 2 levels to the main part of Demon Hell. A bit to the left are stairs up. If you take another stairs up, you will go to the single demon spawn again, with no way of going back down the same stairs. If you go down, and all the way to the east, you will see the teleporter that takes you into the quest room of the DHQ.


Demon Hell Creatures
Fire Elemental
Fire Elemental.gif
Missing File
  • This creature drops no loot.
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Missing File
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