A mother's burden becomes a hero's burden when a demon mother decides to take a few days off. Guard and satisfy her horrible little children to avert her wrath and earn a reward. Be warned: Demon babies might prove too hot to handle.


Starts in Jakundaf Desert. Random: Ab'Dendriel, Draconia, Kazordoon, Venore, Vega, any Wheat Field and more.


Achievements Baby Sitter and Nanny from Hell, a demon baby doll (Evilina, Impward, Meandi, Whinona, Badbara, Tearesa or Cryana), experience bonus of 50% until May 21st.


The event rewards were modified in 2019. Until then, the experience bonus was only 10%, and there was also a death penalty reduction of 50%. This same year the dolls Badbara, Tearesa and Cryana were also added as possible rewards.

Needed Equipment

Note: The wishes are random so you don't have to buy everything before you start.
Note: You will have to complete 6 tasks before you can return the Demon Infant, which means you don't have to start the quest on the first day to finish it and you can miss a few days as long as you complete 6 tasks.


Go to Jakundaf Desert, around here (south-west of the entrance to the Desert Dungeon and west of Adrenius' temple) and you will find the Demon Mother on the surface.

Location of Demon Mother in the Jakundaf desert.

Talk to her to receive a Demon Infant. You have to do whatever it wants to make it happy and finally pleased. This works by "using" the Demon Infant. When a task is done, it will sleep for 20 hours, after this time, use it to wake it up and use it again to find out the next wish. As soon as the baby is pleased, return it to its mother.


Use the demon infant to get its attention and find out what it wants. To be reminded of what it wants you can use it again when it starts crying after 15 seconds.
Note: To satisfy the infant you must use it once to get its attention. Then use it on the item it is asking for. If you wait 15 seconds it will start crying again and you will need to get its attention again.

  • Eat Dragon Ham: Buy or loot Dragon Ham and use the Demon Infant on it. He may want more than one on the same day.
  • Eat a Firefly: Find a Firefly (Yellow) flying around in bushes and trees in Ab'Dendriel.
  • Eat Worms: Simply buy Worms from Equipment Shopkeepers or loot them from creatures like Rotworms.
  • Eat a Black Sheep: Find a living Black Sheep (or a summoned one).
  • Eat Mouldy Cheese: Mouldy Cheese can be looted by killing Goblins or Swamp Trolls and may be found on the ground of places where these creatures live, like Femor Hills. He may want more than one on the same day.
  • Cure its stomach ache: Use a Fishing Rod for this task. You may need to use it several times to remove Broken Swords, Dirty Furs, Torn Books, Skulls and Worn Leather Boots.
  • Kiss another demon baby: Use the infant on another one. You can use the demon infant from a distance. This can be done by having someone place another demon infant on a depot box.
  • Kiss a Dragon: Find a living Dragon. If you are a low level you can ask a friend to block it. You can use the demon infant from a distance.
  • Kiss a Fire Devil: Same as above, find a Fire Devil or summon one. You can use the demon infant from a distance.
  • Lava Bath: You need to be directly next to some Lava and use the infant. A fitting place is the bridge in the Fibula Tunnel or the main gate of Kazordoon. Some tiles may look that you are directly next to lava but some borders are considered as ground. Additionally, take care not to throw it away.
  • Pacifier: Use a Hammer or a Wooden Hammer on the infant. Hammers can be purchased at Nelliem in Venore while Wooden Hammers are dropped by Crazed Beggars.
  • See the big ship in Venore: Stand on the boat in Venore. When you use the baby while on deck, it might become seasick and turn you into a Bog Raider for a few seconds. The task is completed nevertheless.
  • See the Dragons isle with old dragons: Go to Draconia. See Draconia Quest for information about how to get there.
  • See the Emperor of the Dwarves: Go to Emperor Kruzak in Kazordoon.
  • See Santa's house: Go to Santa's house on Vega.
  • Drink a beer: Find a Beer Cask for this task.
  • Play a War Drum: Get a War Drum in Farmine. It can only be purchased if you have handed 6 or more Tomes of Knowledge, so you can ask a friend who did.
  • Play in sand and build castles: Find Sand on a beach or desert.
  • Wheat: Go to a Wheat Field, they can be found close to almost all cities.
  • Lick some snow: Snow can be found in places like the Ice Islands.

You have to complete 6 tasks to get rewards. After last one, you can use the Demon Infant again right away to make it pleased and be able to return it to Demon Mother.


Individual Rewards

These are obtained when returning a pleased Demon Infant:

Game World Reward

If at least 500 babies are returned until May 14:

  • Experience bonus of 50% until May 21.
  • Login message: Your world has pleased the demon mother. Your experience gain is increased!

If less than 500 babies are returned until May 14:

  • Login message: The demon mother is disappointed. You were not able to help her with all of her babies.


Getting a baby

Player: hi
Demon Mother: Greetings, meatbag. Speak quick, my patience is short.
Player: challenge
Demon Mother: I need some of you mortals to care for some of my children. They are only demon babies so it shouldn't be too hard, even for such limited creatures as you are. ...
Demon Mother: I'll hand you one of my babies and you'll take care of it. You can only care for one baby at a time. ...
Demon Mother: Demon babies are moody and spoilt. Each few hours it will request something from you and you will have to fulfil its wishes to keep it happy. It will let you know what it wants. ...
Demon Mother: Do whatever pleases the baby to satisfy it for a few hours. If you comply with its wishes often enough, it will become cheery. It might take a few days and don't think it's easy. ...
Demon Mother: Some of the baby's wishes might be exotic and others outright dangerous. But that is the fate of babysitters since the dawn of time. ...
Demon Mother: Bring my darlings back to me as soon as they are cheery. This phase will last for a while and it will be easy for me to keep an eye on them. ...
Demon Mother: If enough of your people help me and bring me my cheery darlings, I will be pleased and your world will be rewarded. ...
Demon Mother: If you fail though .. well, let's say you will not like this alternative. I can become really mean if I am mad and most demons owe me something! ...
Demon Mother: So are you up to this?
Player: yes
Demon Mother: Uh ... Uhm ... Really? Fabulous! Here we go! Take care! It is now bound to YOU, so don't try to swap it with another baby. My magic will prevent that and return it to you!
Player: bye
Demon Mother: <Grumbles>

Demon's Lullaby

Returning pleased baby

Player: hi
Demon Mother: Greetings, meatbag. Speak quick, my patience is short.
Player: baby
Demon Mother: Are you here to bring one of my little darlings back to me?
Player: yes
Demon Mother: Brilliant! Your world might actually avert my wrath. We will see. To remind you of these cheerful days I'll hand you a magical simulacrum of one of my children!
Player: bye
Demon Mother: <Grumbles>.

Demon's Lullaby