Property Value
Combat Properties
Health Health Icon 7200
Experience Experience Icon 6400
Speed Haste Icon 155
Armor Armor Icon 72
Elements Physical, Holy
Est. Max Dmg 1300+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
General Properties
Name Deathling Spellsinger
Classification Deathlings
Spawn Type Regular
Bestiary Properties
Class Aquatic
Difficulty Bestiary Level Hard
Occurrence Bestiary Occurrence Common
Charm Points 50 Charm Icon
Kills to Unlock 2500
Elemental Properties
Physical 100%
Earth 110%
Fire 0%
Death 90%
Energy 110%
Holy 100%
Ice 0%
Heal 100%
Life Drain 100%
Drown 100%
Immunity Properties
Senses Invis.
Behavioural Properties
Runs at 20
Walks around Energy
Walks through Fire
Other Properties
Version 11.80
July 03, 2018
Status Active
Deathling Spellsinger
You see a deathling spellsinger.
  • BOQOL"°


Deathlings or elder deeplings are precursors to the current breed of Njey. With their fish-like appearance but an upright walk, both share a lot of features. Their origin has not been sufficiently studied and they were a mere myth to the younger Njey. Spellsingers are versatile casters with an array of devastating spells. Compared with the weaker Njey siblings they are far more dangerous, even if faced alone. This old breed of spell-singing horrors has perfected their magic and enhances their powerful spells with ancient wisdom of the original Njey.


Melee (0-300), Hunting Spear (200-400), Boulder (150-300), Holy Beam (400-700)

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
  • Holy
  • Death
  • Fire
  • Energy
  • Ice
  • Earth


They fight in close combat and do not retarget very often. A deathling spellsinger will retreat at 20 (0.28%, deep red) health.


If possible, avoid staying in front of them because of their strong Holy Beam. Be careful when around them as these creatures can deal strong combos and surprise even high level players.


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