Deaths after Summer Update 2009.

The death list shows when you died and the cause. It's shown on character information page. It takes 1 month (30 days) for a death to disappear from the list.
{C}Sometimes it can be embarrassing having a long death list, but sometimes it can be a way to show people amazing deaths, like dying at level 8 by a juggernaut, but always remember Tibia is a game, don't take it too seriously.

Only one monster’s name will appear on the list even if the player was killed by multiple monsters. This is usually the name of the monster that hits the last hit.

However, when a player is killed by other players, all the names of the players involved in the killing will be shown on the list. The verb that appears in the death list varies based on the number of people that were involved in the killing:

  • killed by one or more monsters: “Died”
  • killed by 1-4 players: “Killed”
  • killed by 5-9 players: “Slain”
  • killed by 10-14 players: “Crushed”
  • killed by 15-19 players: “Eliminated”
  • killed by 20 or more players: “Annihilated”

If a kill is listed as “Assisted”, the character has not inflicted any damage on a killed character. However, the character has helped to bring down an opponent in the last 60 seconds before the victim’s death. Note that there are no assisted kills for members of your own guild during a guild war. Assisting a kill is possible in two ways, either by paralyzing the victim or by being part of a trap. Trapping means that all squares around a victim are taken so that the character in the middle cannot move anymore. Being part of a trap can either be done by standing yourself on one of those fields or for example by shooting a magic wall on it. An assisted kill does not count towards the skull system but it will help the victim to identify who was responsible for his death.

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