In Tibia, you die when your HP runs out. Not everything is lost though. The Gods will grant you another chance for a small sacrifice and you can be revived in your hometown's temple.

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Consequences of Death

Skill and Experience Loss

  • From Level 1-24 a player will lose 10% of his experience points, skill tries and spent mana.
  • From Level 25 and above a player will lose $ (50+plevel)/100 $ levels.

Item Loss

Number of Blessings Container Losing Chance Equipment Losing Chance
0 Bless 100% 10%
1 Bless 70% 7%
2 Bless 45% 4.5%
3 Bless 25% 2.5%
4 Bless 10% 1%
5 Bless 0% 0%

Amulet of Loss

You can still use an Amulet of Loss, even with the current bless system. It is still worth keeping after a death especially on a PvP world, until you get all the blessings back again. If you have all 5 Blessings and wear an Aol you will lose both your blessings and your Aol.

Red Skull

If you have a Red Skull, everything you wear will be lost upon a death - even if you have an Aol and/or all Blessings.

Black Skull

If you have a Black Skull, you will loss everything you wear even if you have an Aol and/or all Blessings. In adition, when you respawn in the temple, you will recieve only 40 hitpoints and no mana.

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