Wine and Beer Casks, 3x1 Counter, 2 Blackboards, 4 Small Tables, 8 Wooden Chairs in the cellar. Two 2x4 Big Tables, 24 Wooden Chairs on ground floor. 18 Wall Lamps, 2 Dustbins.


Just northeast of Thais, along the path from the north gate.


It has an exit in the lowest floor. There you have access to the Thais Dragon Lair, a Rotworm cave and a cyclops cave. These are the rooms:

  • floor -2 basement: 2x3 room with door to exit into Ancient Temple caves.
  • floor -1 basement: 2x7 passage room, 7x8 room with casks, 4x5 with 4 beds, 5x6 empty room.
  • ground floor: two 2x3 passage rooms, 8x13 room with 2 big tables.
  • first floor: 4x5 room with 5 beds, two 4x5 with 3 beds each, 3x5 with 1 bed, 3x3 with 1 bed.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 17845 gold per month.

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