Daraman was the hero of the continent of Darama. Daraman lead a peaceful non-material life in the first age of humans and still has many followers to this day. At one time he became the friend of djinns who were in wonder of him. While the Marid worship him, the Efreet blame him for causing civil war. It is also said that he was once king of Darashia, Ankrahmun and Port Hope (Continent of Darama). You can interview NPCs on the continent for more information about the hero Daraman.

Daraman is mentioned in two sets of books:

What people have to say about Daraman

Djema: Daraman was a human, but he must have been something very special - he was a holy man. To this day daddy and all the other djinn around here look up to Daraman as a true prophet.

Edowir: Daraman was a sage with ambition, that is for sure. His philosophy centered around the idea that by controlling yourself you could improve yourself. The closer you are coming to perfection,the closer you are to ascension to divinity.

Kasmir: Daraman travelled the world and learned the secrets of the ancients. At last he learned the secret of ascension and founded his philosophy.

Ishebad: Some lunatic who was driven mad by the heat of the desert and dehydration.

Malor: Of all human liars and schemers he was the worst. This self-styled prophet single-handedly managed to disunite my race and to spark a bloody civil war. ...
Malor: If somebody fulfilled a wish for me for a change I would bring him back to life and make him pay.

Fa'Hradin: I have met him myself. He was a sharp thinker and a charismatic conversationalist. ...
Fa'Hradin: I suppose he never managed to convince me quite as thoroughly as he managed to convince Gabel, but I came to admire his amazing personal integrity. ...
Fa'Hradin: In the end I chose to follow his creed because I felt that we djinn lacked something, and I thought that perhaps Daraman had an answer.

Melchior: Daraman was a holy man, a true prophet. He showed us how we can master grief and affliction through dignity and brotherliness. It is a shame I only came to fully appreciate his teachings when fate had cast me into darkness.

Umar: Daraman has changed our lives. I mean, we were not stupid or anything before he came, but still it was different. Fa'hradin says that while Zathroth made us intelligent, Daraman made us think.

Responding to other words:
Kasmir: Daraman had a vision that all mortals are able to ascend to heaven, becoming celestial beings.

Kasmir: Daraman led his followers to this promised land to follow his teachings. It was named Darama after him later.

Malor: We are djinn! The true djinn! Those who have not let themselves be fooled by the silver-tongued blathering of that perfidious snake called Daraman.

Malor: Do you like this place? I have built Mal'ouquah as a home for those among my kind who did not fall for Daraman's sugar covered lies. From here I shall rule the world when the time has come.

"king" or "leader":
Gabel: Some call me a king, even though I do not like the title. Daraman has taught us to think little of worldly matters such as power or station in life.

"ashta'daramai" or "abode":
Gabel: This place is a gift of Daraman to the djinn people. Oh, he did not build it himself, of course. It was us Marid who did it. We erected it on the place where once stood my old palace. ...
Gabel: Its serene majesty is a visual expression of the inner peace and light that are bestowed by the great Daraman's teachings.

Gabel: For a long time I found it difficult to love them. But Daraman has opened my eyes.

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