Darama is the continent where Ankrahmun, Darashia and Port Hope are located.

Some NPCs use the name "Darama" to refer to Darashia and the desert immediately surrounding it, but most refer to the entire Island as "Darama". This may be because Darashia and the surrounding areas (Devourer, Dark Pyramid) were the first areas discovered on this new island.

Darama is named for the most renowned spiritual leader in the island's history, Daraman. Many books contain stories about Daraman, and all different kinds of NPCs in Darashia and Ankrahmun can give you information about him.

Though almost everyone knows there is a common passage between Darashia and Ankrahmun, not many people know that there is a secret passage between Port Hope and Ankrahmun. It can be found on the second stair west from Ankrahmun and very far east from Port Hope, following the road.