Player: Hi
Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor with you, Player!
Player: Excalibug
Daniel Steelsoul: With this weapon in my hand, I would teach the servants of darkness the true meaning of the word fear.
Player: Weapon
Daniel Steelsoul: Look for Willard, our local blacksmith.
Player: Ferumbras
Daniel Steelsoul: He searched something in the north of the isle years ago. Probably he needed something from the forbidden ruins. He was chased and fought by the troops of General Benjamin.
Player: Forbidden ruins
Daniel Steelsoul: An ancient taboo forbids to enter the northern ruins.
Player: Acient taboo
Daniel Steelsoul: We thought it was only superstition and no one bothered that Kaine and his friends went there to hunt servants of evil that might have hidden there. So we did not notice the dark cult they started.
Player: Kaine
Daniel Steelsoul: He was my second in command. After learning about the forbidden ruins, he,the priestess Agaltha, and their followers freed the criminals we brought here as workers and headed to the north.
Player: Agaltha
Daniel Steelsoul: She was beautiful but seemed cold hearted. She spoke little to me, preferred the company of Kaine.
Player: Bye
Daniel Steelsoul: PRAISE TO BANOR!

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