The series this book is part of is critiqued in Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book) and Dangers of Adventures Critique Farmer (Book).

Dangers of Adventures
by Netlios

Volume V

The next thing, maybe the most important topic these days, we will closer examine, are monsters. Most adventurers die through monsters - be it because people are not well enough prepaired, be it because some people are surprised by eighter the apperance or the powers of a monster, be it because suddenly there are 20 monsters where you have expected only one. Always be aware: Our land is in fact dangerous and you always have to take into account that arround the next corner some monsters await you - monsters which you have never seen before! Of course, I have a little story on this topic: One adventurer of the five - his trip was at least 18 days shorter than the trip of Hestus, who was one year jounger than him - climbed down a ladder, not thinking about the danger he might be in. When he finally touched the ground again, he saw himself eye in eye with a fire-spitting dragon. He tried to flee - too late. His body was found weeks after his death... Just to mention it: none of the two explorers mentioned above (Hestus and the man who was killed by a dragon) were 41 years old. The journey of the 41-year-old man was longer than the journey of the man who died during his adventure.

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