The series this book is part of is critiqued in Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book) and Dangers of Adventures Critique Farmer (Book). Key 4001 is required to obtain.

Dangers of Adventures
by Netlios

Volume VI

Because this topic seems the most important for me, I decided to write another

book to warn people of the danger of being attacked by monsters. Two more of our adventurers (the ones I always tell about) were attacked by monsters:

Elaeus and the man, whos journey ended after 66 days, both were attacked by monsters. Both were jounger than Gadinius and the man who only barely escaped from the attacks of a mother-bear, who defended her babies. Heso, who too was one of

our adventurers, never saw a bear in his whole life.

One of the five adventurers was attacked by a pack of trolls!