The series this book is part of is critiqued in Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book) and Dangers of Adventures Critique Farmer (Book).

Dangers of Adventures
by Netlios

Volume IV

The important topic I will now examine is: How can I be sure to drink enough? Where do I get a drink? Well, there are not very many sources of drinks: First, you can take some potions of water with you. Second, you can "find" something on your way. For example, you might cross a river or perhaps it might rain one day or the other. And maybe you can even find drinks on your way, but be careful! You never know what is inside the potion you find. Let me again give you an example to illustrate this:
One of our five men travelling through Tibia (his name was longer than the name of the adventurer, who was attacked by a troll and therefore had to stop his exploration) one day found a filled potion on his way. He was very thursty, and so he drank the liquid inside. He didn't know (how should he?) that it was poisoned. After some moments he noticed, that he felt worse and worse. At this moment, he had to stop and return to his house. By the way, the name of this man (the poisoned one) was shorter than the name of the man, whose journey was over after 83 days.

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