The series this book is part of is critiqued in Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book) and Dangers of Adventures Critique Farmer (Book).

Dangers of Adventures
by Netlios

Volume II

The adventurers, whom we will have a look at, were all born in different years and were therefore all of different ages when they started their travelings through Tibia. The oldest among these men was aged 42; the youngest was 38, when he started to discover new areas of our land. None the five was as old as anyone else of them. One journey ended after 83 days, one after 117 and finally one after 134 days. Anaso, one of the explorers, was a very brave sword-fighter. His brother Elaeus, who started an expedition just like his brother, never wanted to use a sword - instead he was an excellent magician. Hestus, another explorer whom i will tell about, always wore green trousers, so no-one saw how dirty it was and he never had to wash it.

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