This book critiques Netlios' Dangers of Adventures series.

On Netlios VI books about adventurers

I think Netlios is a liar. I followed all tips given by him in his books, but i didn't become a great adventurer.
I really don't know what to do - but I think, becoming a farmer instead of an adventurer is a good choice. Sheeps are not as dangerous as dragons are, and it's better to drink a glass of milk than a glass of green slime!
Maybe it would help to find the last two parts of "Dangers of Adventures", because i only read the first four parts... the others are vanished a long time ago... if I could only find them, but how should I without being an adventurer? I need the books to be an adventurer, and to get the books, I need to be an adventurer!
Being a farmer is really better for my nerves...

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