This book critiques Netlios' Dangers of Adventures series.

Book review of Netlios opus:
"Dangers of Adventures"
by Adrenius

A lot of people have read, and of course will read in the future, Netlios popular series of Books "Adventurers Guide Through Tibia. I-VI". But could this book really be a guide for adventurers? I am not quite sure. It is rather confusing to read these books. A lot of stories were told, but do these stories really belong to each other? Could these people really exist? I doubt it! Once a traveller came to me, who wanted to convince me that Netlios stories are real. I asked him to tell me the names (in alphabetical order), the ages, the reasons why they stopped their journeys and the length of their adventures.
At the beginning, I wanted him to give me the first name, his reasons and all this.
He wispered:
"Anaso, 38, troll attacked, 66 days".
I asked him to tell me about the next person:
"Elaeus, 40, steped into fire, 100 days".
I also asked him about the last three persons, and he gave me his answers.
At the beginning, his words seemed plausible to me. But after thinking about it and reading parts of Netlios' stories again, I noticed, that this can't be true.
A lot of people came to me, bringing "their" versions of (wrong) solutions to my questions. There was never someone, who was able to give me a correct answer...
Does an answer exist? If it does: How does it look like?
I decided to give a reward to the first one, who is able to tell me the correct answer.

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