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The community consists of one major group (Portuguese-speaking), along with some other minorities, among them English-speaking and Polish-speaking. Approximately 70% are native Portuguese and Hispanic speaker, 20% are native English speaker also few players from Poland and several others nations make the remaining 10%.


  • Leading Guild: Never Rushback. They are mostly 'decent' in their leadership. There's always some bad apples, but the majority of their members - including the leader and certain vices are modest. They prevent almost all forms of PVP, and have some priority respawns. They also consider all people who transfer to Danera as their enemies, which basically means you will get killed if you do it.
  • Remarkable guilds: Nofear, Tenth Legion, Sevenfold and Divinity Chaos.
  • The oldest guild of Danera is  Unreal Heros, was founded on March 25, 2007.

War History

Since Insomniacs(Whole team gone to Deletera because Guild Power Abuser) leads the server, there has been only one war against them by the guild Renegades (disbanded). Most of Renegades members were people who used to be in Insomniacs, but got kicked for abusing their powers. No need to say that they failed to take over Danera: most of them transferred to other servers.

Some interesting facts

Bosses Killed

Gaz'haragoth Gaz'haragoth on 8 March 2015, killed by Never RushBack.

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