Damage is the result of some kind of attack. The result is that the target loses Hitpoints (or Mana if using Magic Shield spell or an Energy Ring).

There are two main kinds of damage: Physical Damage Physical Damage and Magical Damage.

Physical Damage Physical Damage is inflicted by melee attacks and Distance Weapons, as well as some runes and spells. This kind of damage can be sometimes blocked by the target's Shielding (impossible to block when inflicted by spells), and is always mitigated by the target's armor.

Magical Damage cannot be blocked, and the damage it inflicts is not reduced by the target's armor. The primary drawback to magic damage is that many creatures are immune to different types of magic damage, and therefore are not affected by it. Ghost, Pirate Ghost, Spectre, Phantasm and Dipthrah are some of the creatures that are immune to physical damage. There are also Creatures Immune to all Damage Types which means you can't hit them with any melee weapon, distance weapon, rod, wand, spell or rune.

The only rune that does not cause magical damage is the Explosion rune and the only instant spell is Physical Strike.

Damage types are represented by different colors on the game window so you might identify them. Note that while Magic Shield or Energy Ring are active, all damage taken by manapoints will show the same color.

Color Type Reduced by armor Can be dealt by players Notes
Red Physical Damage Physical Damage The color for physical damage might vary depending on the creature that receives it.
Green Earth Damage Earth Damage
Orange Fire Damage Fire Damage
Purple Energy Damage Energy Damage
Sea Blue Ice Damage Ice Damage
Dark Red Death Damage Death Damage
Yellow Holy Damage Holy Damage
Cyan Drown Damage Drown Damage
Blue Mana Drain Mana Drain This is the same color displayed when mana is used to protect hitpoints by using Magic Shield or Energy Ring.
Red Life Drain Life Drain