Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Carlin
Position 125.204, 124.12, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Fisherman
Ship Captain
Other Properties
Version 7.2
December 16, 2003
Status Active
You see Dalbrect.
NPC Bubble D


The port north and west of Carlin


Passage to Cost (gp) Notes
Isle of the Kings10become his friend

Dalbrect Windtrouser is member of the once proud Windtrouser family. His family was once noble and wealthy and belonged to Carlin nobility. Now the family is poor. Nothing is left of its fortune. The only thing reminding him of the glorious history of his family and his own legacy is a family brooch, but sadly it's lost somewhere underneath the Ghostlands.

Dalbrect's family lost their wealth in an unsuccessful project. When Carlin tried to colonize the region now known as the Ghostlands, his family invested money in this project. When the colonization of the Ghostlands failed, the family lost their fortune.

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To become his friend and get access to the Isle of the Kings you must complete the Family Brooch Quest.
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Player: Hi
Dalbrect: Be greeted, traveller Player. Welcome to my hut.
Player: Hut or job
Dalbrect: I am merely a humble fisher now that nothing is left of my noble legacy.
Player: Legacy or family
Dalbrect: Once my family was once noble and wealthy, but fate turned against us and threw us into poverty.
Player: Fate or poverty
Dalbrect: When Carlin tried to colonise the region now known as the ghostlands, my ancestors put their fortune in that project.
Player: Project or Ghostlands
Dalbrect: Our family fortune was lost when the colonisation of those cursed lands failed. Now nothing is left of our fame or our fortune. If I only had something as a reminder of those better times. <sigh>
Player: Name
Dalbrect: My name is Dalbrect Windtrouser, of the once proud Windtrouser family.
Player: Carlin
Dalbrect: To think my family used to belong to the local nobility! And now those arrogant women are in charge!
Player: Ship
Dalbrect: My ship is my only pride and joy.
Player: Passage (before you earn his trust)
Dalbrect: I have only sailed to the Isle of the kings once or twice. I dare not anger the monks by bringing travellers there without their permission.
Player: Brooch
Dalbrect: What? You want me to examine a brooch?
Player: Yes (without his family brooch in inventory)
Dalbrect: What are you talking about? I am too poor to be interested in jewelry.
Player: No
Dalbrect: Then stop being a fool. I am poor and I have to work the whole day through!
Player: Yes (with his family brooch in inventory)
Dalbrect: Can it be? I recognise my family's arms! You have found a treasure indeed! I am poor and all I can offer you is my friendship, but ... please ... give that brooch to me?
Player: Yes
Dalbrect: Thank you! I shall consider you my friend from now on! Just let me know if you need something!
Player: Need
Dalbrect: There is little I can offer you but a trip with my boat. Are you looking for a passage to the isle of kings perhaps?
Player: Passage
Dalbrect: Since you are my friend now I will sail you to the isle of the kings for 10 gold. Is that okay for you?
Player: Yes
Dalbrect: Have a nice trip!
Player: Bye
Dalbrect: Good bye, Player. You are welcome.

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