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Boosted Creature

Today's Boosted Creature is:

Cobra Scout
Cobra Scout8500 hp/7310 exp



Today is default, so you will currently find Rashid in loading....

Dream Scar Boss

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The Dream Scar boss on most worlds should be loading.... For a detailed list per world, click here.

Active Events

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This month, October, there are 3 events: the Annual Autumn Vintage, Halloween and Orcsoberfest. The Annual Autumn Vintage starts on October 1st and will last till October 8th, then again from October 17th till October 24th. Orcsoberfest starts on October 9th and lasts until the 16th. On October 31st it will be Halloween time (special raids: The Mutated Pumpkin in Mainland, and The Halloween Hare in Mainland and Rookgaard). Don't miss your chance to fight The Mutated Pumpkin or to let The Halloween Hare give you a spooky outfit. Only 6 days left for Halloween.
The Orcsoberfest has ended!

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