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Boosted Creature

Today's Boosted Creature is:

Rotworm65 hp/40 exp



Today is default, so you will currently find Rashid in loading....

Dream Scar Boss

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The Dream Scar boss on most worlds should be loading.... For a detailed list per world, click here.

Active Events

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This month, April, there are 3 events: Month of Pranks (special raid: Undead Jester Invasion), Spring into Life and Chyllfroest. You can visit Hoaxette every day this month to buy some of her wares and prank your friends. The Undead Jester Raids will happen at random times until April 14th, and will be broadcasted like any other raid. Collect the parts of jester doll and give them to Hoaxette to get your own Jester Doll. Spring into Life starts on April 16th and will last till April 23rd. Coloured Eggs will be dropped and buyable during this time. Also Dragon Hatchlings spawn more and give more experience as well as 5 Hidden Nests are hidden in every city giving Surprise Nests. Spring into Life already started and might still be running. You can still access Chyllfroest and try to tame the Ursagrodon.

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