Cyclopedia Button The Cyclopedia is part of the Analytics functionality that was introduced in the Summer Update 2017. The word is an archaic form of encyclopedia[1] and features a knowledge collection of every item which can be traded in the market. It was expanded with the Winter Update 2017 and received two new tabs: Bestiary and Charms.


Cyclopedia Items

The Cyclopedia is used to change items' prices tracked by the Analytics Selector widgets. Players can select for each item if it will be tracked according to the NPC price or average Market price. Additionally, Premium players are able to set their own loot value for each item. Based on these prices you can use the widgets to keep track of the dropped loot and also analyse the loot value and supplies used during your hunting session.



The Bestiary is the collection of knowledge acquired by your character about Tibia's Creatures, which are sorted in different Classes. Initially, every creature and the creature class itself will be displayed as silhouettes. You can gain information about creatures and thereby unlock and complete their Bestiary entries.

To unlock an entry, you will have to kill its corresponding creature. The first kill will open the entry and reveal the creature's name, sprite and its difficulty level. A kill counter will show you the required amount of kills to unlock more information. To increase your kill counter, you only have to deal damage to the creature, but you don't have to be the player dealing most damage to it.

To successfully complete a creature entry, you will have to unlock a total of three detail stages. The first stage will unlock basic information like hitpoints, speed, armor and common loot items, for example. The second stage will allow you to see uncommon loot items, resistances and locations of where the creature can be found. Once you have killed enough creatures to unlock the final stage, semi-rare and rare loot items will be displayed. Very rare loot drops will also be displayed once you loot the item for the first time, as long as you have that creature fully unlocked.

How often you have to kill a creature to unlock more of its details is based on the creature's difficulty. The difficulty also determines the amount of Charm Points that you are going to receive once you have completed an entry. Once you have unlocked the final stage of a creature, you will be able to attach one of your unlocked Charms to it.

Bestiary's Creature difficulties

Main article: Bestiary/Difficulties

Difficulty Rarity Required Kills to Unlock Charm Points Reward Number of Creatures
First Detail Stage Second Detail Stage Final Detail Stage
(e.g. cat, dog)
Ordinary 5 10 25 1 Cyclopedia#Charms 10
Very Rare 2 3 5 5 Cyclopedia#Charms 1
(e.g. skunk, goblin)
Ordinary 10 100 250 5 Cyclopedia#Charms 40
Very Rare 2 3 5 10 Cyclopedia#Charms 3
(e.g. crab, gozzler)
Ordinary 25 250 500 15 Cyclopedia#Charms 148
Very Rare 2 3 5 30 Cyclopedia#Charms 7
(e.g. orc berserker, moohtant)
Ordinary 50 500 1000 25 Cyclopedia#Charms 256
Very Rare 2 3 5 50 Cyclopedia#Charms 23
(e.g. elder wyrm, orewalker)
Ordinary 100 1000 2500 50 Cyclopedia#Charms 98
Very Rare 2 3 5 100 Cyclopedia#Charms 0


Charm Icons

Charms are bonus effects that need to be unlocked with Charm Points. An unlocked charm can only be assigned to a completed creature entry and will provide you with a bonus against the corresponding creature.

While assigning a charm to an entry is free of charge, you will have to pay a gold fee if you want to detach the charm from the entry again. The required amount of gold is equal to your character's level multiplied by 100. For example, a level 140 character must pay 140 x 100 = 14,000 gold to detach a charm.


A creature entry can only have one charm assigned at a time. Free account players can assign up to 2 charms to different entries at the same time, while premium account players can assign 6 charms.

A permanent possibility to assign all of your unlocked charms at the same time can be purchased via the Store for 450 Tibia Coins. It also reduces the amount of gold you have to pay for every charm removal by 25%.

Charms can be aggressive, defensive or passive. Aggressive and defensive charms have a 10% chance of being activated when dealing or taking damage, respectively. The passive charms, Bless and Low Blow are always active, and the charms Scavenge and Gut will increase your success/loot rate similar to how the Prey System works.

Based on the number of creatures currently in the Bestiary, a total of 15125 Charm Points can be obtained in game. Since the cost of all charms is 16,000, it's not possible for one character to buy all existing charms.

List of Charms

Name Type Description Charm Point Cost
Wound Wound Offensive Wounds the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Physical Damage. 600 #Charms
Enflame Enflame Offensive Burns the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Fire Damage. 1000 #Charms
Poison Poison Offensive Poisons the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Earth Damage. 600 #Charms
Freeze Freeze Offensive Freezes the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Ice Damage. 800 #Charms
Zap Zap Offensive Electrifies the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Energy Damage. 800 #Charms
Curse Curse Offensive Curses the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Death Damage. 900 #Charms
Cripple Cripple Offensive Cripples the creature and paralyses it for 10 seconds, even if it's immune to the Paralyse Rune. 500 #Charms
Parry Parry Defensive Any damage taken is reflected to the aggressor with a certain chance. 1000 #Charms
Dodge Dodge Defensive Dodges an attack without taking any damage at all. 600 #Charms
Adrenaline Burst Adrenaline Burst Defensive Bursts of adrenaline enhance your reflexes after you get hit and let you move more than twice as fast for 10 seconds. 500 #Charms
Numb Numb Defensive Numbs the creature after its attack and paralyses the creature for 10 seconds, even if it's immune to the Paralyse Rune. 500 #Charms
Cleanse Cleanse Defensive Cleanses you from within after you get hit and removes one random active negative Status Effect and temporarily makes you immune against it. 700 #Charms
Bless Bless Passive Blesses you and reduces skill and xp loss by 3% when killed by the chosen creature. 2000 #Charms
Scavenge Scavenge Passive Enhances your chances to successfully skin a skinnable creature. Applies to Skinning and Dusting. 1500 #Charms
Gut Gut Passive Gutting the creature yields 10% more Creature Products. 2000 #Charms
Low Blow Low Blow Passive Adds 3% critical hit chance to attacks with Critical Hit weapons. 2000 #Charms


The Cyclopedia Map is a larger and improved version of the client's Automap. It can display the surface and levels above it using both the map and "real" formats, as well as the underground areas that are explored in the client's map. Map markers are also shown in it. It also displays active raids.

Point of Interest Effect
Point of Interest Found Effect

This Map interface is also used to explore areas and sub-areas during Measuring Tibia Quest, which is done by finding Points of Interest (PoIs) in them. You need to find 7 randomly positioned PoIs in each subarea to unlock it, and you can only explore one subarea at a time (starting to explore a new sub-area with an open exploration will reset the progress). If desired, the location of the PoIs can be shuffled, but this will also reset all progress done in that sub-area.

When you have discovered at least 30% of all subareas of an area, the locations of NPCs within that respective area will be shown on the map. Similarly, at a minimum of 70%, passages to different subareas on other map layers and teleports are displayed as stair symbols on the map. Once all subareas of an area have been discovered, creatures that occur in those subareas are listed when you click on a subarea's name or on a passages symbol that leads to this subarea. Creatures for which the Bestiary entry has not yet been unlocked are displayed as a silhouette. In addition, a player who has completed an area will be notified whenever a raid is about to take place in that area within the next hour.

For a comprehensive list of all areas and subareas, please view the Cyclopedia/Map Areas page.

Improved Respawn Rate

On September 06, 2018, CipSoft announced the Improved Respawn Rate system, which was implemented the following week. With this system, the map Areas can have their respawn rate increased temporarily between two Server Saves. There will always be one randomly selected Area of the map with the respawn rate improved. Furthermore, players can also donate Gold so one area gets its spawn rate increased after the next Server Save. An area with an Improved Respawn rate will display the following icon in front of their name on the Cyclopedia Map: Improved Respawn Rate Icon

The following rules applies to this system:

  • An area must have received at least 1,000,000 (1kk) gold donation to have its respawn rate improved.
  • The area with more gold donated (above 1kk) at the Server Save will have its spawn increased. If no area has 1kk gold donations, none will be selected (besides the random one).
  • Only one donation-based area will be have its spawn increase at a given day. The gold donated to the other areas, however, is not lost, and will always be summed up until this area is the one with more donations.
  • An area that currently has its spawn improved is not be eligible for donations or random selection. Thus, an area cannot have its spawn increased two days in a row.

It's important to note a specific hunting spawn may not belong to the area it's accessed from. Most notably, even though the Hell Hub and its Grounds (Ferumbras' Ascension Quest area) is accessed through Darashia they belong to Roshamuul and Zao. You can check the current area you're in by vising it and opening the Cyclopedia map, or simply by checking this list.

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