Cursed Icon.gif Cursed is a Special Condition where a character or creature receives death damage over time, as long as the condition is active. This condition is indicated by the cursed icon on your character's status bar.

This effect is caused by an aggression of death power, and will eventually wear off on its own. Contrary to poison, curse starts at a minimum value 1 and increases each turn by a fixed percentage (rounded to the nearest whole number). The last damage value, the final dreadful peak, is calculated by multiplying the last damage value with a percentage ranging from 1% to 120%. The percentage will depend on the creature that caused the curse. The time it takes to execute the next damage turn is constant, which is 4 seconds.

The Cursed condition should be handled with care, as there are creatures that can cause curses dealing over 500 damage in a turn, which can be deadly if combined with other attacks.

How to get cursed

How to get rid of a curse

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