Curse (Charm)
Property Value
General Properties
Type Offensive
Cost 900 Cyclopedia#Charms
Version 11.50
December 05, 2017
Status Active


Curses the creature and deals 5% of its initial hit points as Death Damage.


The chance of this charm being triggered is 10% per attack done. Since the elemental damage charms are applied on top of the creature's elemental resistances, the Curse charm is recommended for creatures that are weak to Death Damage. As with the other elemental damage charms, it's most efficient when used on creatures that have a high amount of hitpoints.

Elemental damage Charms are the best ones available for Druids and Sorcerers and should be the first one unlocked by these vocations. They are also very good for Paladins depending on the hunt and creatures. Even though Knights will usually give preference to Defensive Charms, at some point the Knight may wish to switch to offensive charms to maximize its damage output.

The choice between the 6 elemental damage charms depends mostly on the creatures the player has unlocked in the bestiary and the creatures usually hunted. Since not many creatures are weak to Death Damage and those who are usually have some other elemental weakness, as well as the fact that Curse is a rather expensive Charm, it's usually not preferred by players.

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