You see Curos
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  • There is no rage, there is control!
  • There is no violence, there is grace!


Zao Orc Land, in the middle of the Zao Steppe


He is the leader of the Orc tribes in Zao.

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Curos is involved in The New Frontier Quest. You can start with him An Uneasy Alliance Quest.
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Player: hi
Curos: Be greeted blank skin.
Player: greeted or name
Curos: I am Curos of the minotaurs! Leader of the local orc tribes.
Player: leader or minotaurs
Curos: We minotaurs are proud people. It took us a long time to get rid of the shackles of the gods and even longer to overcome our rage. We are not numerous anymore and the life of every single minotaur is precious. Still, there is infighting and quarrels. ...
Curos: This led to our great experiment. If we can prove that even the simpleminded orcs can overcome their bestial heritage with our leadership, we might inspire the whole minotaur nation.
Player: orc
Curos: The orcs are savage and uncontrolled. Yet, they long for leadership, and it is astonishing how easy it is to convince entire tribes if you can convince certain key individuals. ...
Curos: Of course convincing an orc is a violent matter and often involves fighting, killing and threats. But we were willing to adopt this kind of orcish 'diplomacy'. ...
Curos: When their champions were killed and their leaders beaten by Mooh'Tah masters, who had come here to look for surviving minotaur communities, entire tribes bowed to their rule. ...
Curos: It was very difficult in the beginning and only time taught the orcs not to challenge the power of the Mooh'Tah masters. ...
Curos: They adapt slowly to our teachings but they adapt nonetheless. Little by little they change. It might take generations but the change is taking place. ...
Curos: They have a hard time to understand even the most obvious teachings of the Mooh'Tah, and they are still full of rage. If they attack you in their rage, you are allowed to kill them. Those who can't control themselves do not deserve any better. ...
Curos: An orc generation does not last long but its survivors have learnt some lesson. We hope this form of selection will eventually help us to create a new breed of orcs that is smarter, more capable and more open to our teachings.
Player: mooh tah
Curos: You humans lack the spiritual energy of emotion and therefore cannot utilise this power. The Mooh'Tah teaches the taming of the inner beast. ...
Curos: To conquer strong emotions like rage and fear is one goal, but there are other destructive but more subtle urges that need to be overcome. ...
Curos: Greed, envy and the like are often more dangerous as they do not hit you with full force but steadily poison your thoughts.
Player: humans
Curos: The humans of this land are pathetic and even worse than the orcs. Yet, we know of the heights that humans are capable of. This is a clear proof that our influence on the orcs can change them. ...
Curos: When humans can fall that far, why shouldn't orcs be able to rise to unknown heights?
Player: land
Curos: The lizard men call this land Zao. The orcs did not bother to give the land a name, so we adopted the lizard term.
Player: lizard or zao
Curos: This land used to be the land of the lizards. But they took the land by force, so whoever has the power to challenge them can take as much of the land as he is able to gain and to hold.
Player: bye
Curos: Farewell for now!

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