You see a cup of molten gold.
It weighs 5.00 oz.
Be careful, this vessel can hold the molten gold only for a short time.


It will last for 10 hours after creation. You can receive one from A Sweaty Cyclops in exchange for a Gold Ingot.

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To turn it into a Golden Fir Cone, use it on a Fir Tree or on a Fir Cone. There is a high chance that the Cup of Molten Gold will disappear when you use it on a either of those, and if it does one of the following messages will appear.

When using it on a Fir Tree:
Drizzling all over a fir cone you picked from the tree, the molten gold only covers about half of it - not enough.

When using it on a Fir Cone:
Drizzling all over the fir cone, the molten gold only covers about half of it - not enough.
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Player: hi
A Sweaty Cyclops: Hum Humm! Welcume here lil' player.
Player: melt
A Sweaty Cyclops: Can melt gold ingot for lil' one. You want?
Player: yes
A Sweaty Cyclops: Ah, lil'one brought gold ingot to melt. You give?
Player: yes
A Sweaty Cyclops: *whoooosh* There!

Cup of Molten Gold

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

A Sweaty Cyclops1Ab'DendrielGold Ingot
  1. By saying (sell/buy) item name.

Sell To

Players only.