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Dear brother,
we are glad to hear that our plan was a success. On the other hand, considering how many resources of the cult this venture has taken, failure was not an option of course. The master will be pleased that you could take over the mines of these barbarians. The powers the master grant us make us invincible indeed. It's not surprising that you faced no retaliation of the barbarians. Their superstitions keep them from fighting for a place like the mines. Surprisingly that they took the effort to capture it in the first place. With the forces you already freed from the ice, you will be more than prepared for any attempt to retake the mines. However, keep a low profile there. We need a considerable army before we do anything. If the followers of good learn too early about our plans, everything would be put at stake. The master needs a great army, truly worth to fight for him and able to help him to fulfil his plan. Rest assured the master himself will see after you now and then, even if its just to keep all those demons in line. The lord of blades will soon unleash his anger upon the world and it will be us that raise out of the ashes of mankind as the rulers of a new age.
Praised be the Triangle.

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