You see a crystal mace (Atk:38, Def:16 +1).
Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot).
Classification: 2 Tier: 0.
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 35 or higher.
It weighs 80.00 oz.


    Due to its stats and rarity compared to other weapons, this beautiful mace is used mainly as a valuable decoration, since it is a rare loot from only a few hard creatures.

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    It can be obtained from Mucus Plugs.
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    Interesting to note that it was dropped by a lot of Ice-themed creatures during the Test Server for the Summer Update 2007, but it was removed before the update. However, value of this weapon decreased greatly after the Summer Update 2012, and later, when Sights of Surrender were introduced (Winter Update 2013). It is one of the few Pharaoh Rares that have lost their rarity status.
    From Christmas Update 2007 until Summer Update 2017, it could be transformed into the following Enchanted Weapons through the process known as Enchanting:

    These sprites are now used for their respective replicas.

    Trade Details

    Buy From

    Players only.

    Sell To

    Rashid1Darashia12,000 Gold
    1. After completing The Traveling Trader Quest.