Property Value
General Properties
Name Crystal Coin
Item ID 3043
Classification Valuables
Weight 0.10 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 10,000 gp
Sold for 10,000 gp
Bought for 10,000 gp
Other Properties
Version 7.4
December 14, 2004
Status Active
Crystal Coin.gif
You see a crystal coin.
It weighs 0.10 oz.


    A crystal coin is equal to 100 platinum coins, or 10,000 gold coins. Although you cannot directly buy this item, it is possible to exchange money with Banker NPCs. For more information, read the Currency page. Also called "CC".

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    10 of them can be obtained from the Wrath of the Emperor Quest. It can also be obtained from Gnomish Supply Packages and Shiny Stones.
    See also: Gnomish Supply Package/Statistics and Shiny Stone/Refining Statistics
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    Trade Details

    Buy From

    Players only.

    Sell To

    Players only.

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